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hironta-type self-support school (spring, summer)

It is ... with the self-support school

It is a project to plan skill tradition by having you experience the handmade skill that you cultivated in a person of song field of the self-support life 30 rest of life while tasting rural living together. It is irregular holding, but I set a self-support theme every season and am going to carry it out.

Experience-based image (image)

Plan introduction

Summary of the self-support school

①It is held every month. 8 days and 6 nights (possible for actual expenses 1,500 yen/day toward the request for extension)

  Partial participation is OK. 2 days and 1 night 15,000 yen

②Each three time capacity. The staying is basics, a person of song field. As for the possibility to become the vacancy of the main building depending on the change of the corona evil.

③The entrance fee tuition 70,000 yen food expenses, hotel charges 30,000 yen (night three meals 5,000 yen/day)

④Training contents and process: The constitution in the composing type appropriate from the work that I accepted like the constitution plan of the attached sheet in a season. As, in the self-support school, it is one pillar that senses a self-support living bodily, charge today's as for not only the self-support work at the time but also the cooking, the bath attendant, the cleaning as the everyday routine work. In addition, the work reads the work procedure which I handed beforehand and takes the technique to do in spite of being a thought by oneself. I acquire far it than the person tells the net income steps (the technique that I adopted by a lecture of Doshisha University Graduate School).

 In addition, my book which wrote in the four seasons of the self-support living beforehand sends "the logic of the rural living". I should be able to do simulated experience what kind of scene in the four seasons the work that by having you read this, participated in is.

⑤A participation application. I confirm the desired schedule of the person planning participation on the deadline on the end of the month before opening of a school month and decide the opening of a school day.

●I match the opening of a school of this month on the desired day of the customer and will found a school.


■Training menu

All yearIn springIn the summerIn autumnIn winter
ClothesSpinning yarn dyeing textureThe sum cottonseed firewood
I reel a cotton crop class
A meal and allied work
I make salt (visit experience)
U.S. raw sake - shochu distilled liquor
Ham, sausage
Tofu, natto
Handling of fish, mayonnaise
The making of compost (aboriginality bacteria others)
The dismantling of the chicken
Miso (from ricemalt)
Soy sauce (from ricemalt)
Tea picking, processed tea (green tea, medicinal herb tea)
Shiitake bacteria beat
Beer brewing (but I use a kit)
Plum processing (pickled plum, plum syrup
    Plum extract, plum miso)
Semination made with vegetables seedling length field in the spring and summer
It includes pickled shallot crop ... pickles
Barley wheat crop threshing
Rice relations (election for salt water immersion semination)

Maintenance of the water source
Draining water mowing
Camellia collecting
I squeeze camellia oil
Beer brewing
Potato shochu
Fried chin salt chin
A potato moat and the making of perception kolo
Cull salted vegetables
The making of dried bonito
Soybean crop - threshing - sorting
I cut rice and receive it ... threshing -
Vegetables semination raising of seedling in the fall and winter
Pickle (pickled daikon Chinese mustard Chinese cabbages)
Dried strips of radish
Mochi pounding
The making of perception kolo rice cake
Soy sauce
Skill in use of hills and rivers
Necessary carpenter tools
The making of waste oil soap
Study of the self-support tool

I take the cool air of the swampCollecting brushwood
Charcoal making
Felling and wood-splitting of the tree
Effect of the kotatsu set in the floor
Skill in use of clay charcoal stove
A bath attendant and cinders usage
Solar heat water heater
The making of hetsui


I constitute in combination the menu mentioned above in each time

■It is, for example, a class, a work table of March

 Evening Kurushima for the first day. I hull miso at night on the orientation fourth day (and I boil a soybean and mix it with salt, malt * kigeru

      Wash miso wheat, water immersion              The making of natto that I use the stewed soybeans 

 Collecting fuel made with 2 nichimokuhetsui         The making of fifth day aboriginality bacteria compost

      I steam wheat and am made with ricemalt             Dry field farming business (kind lowering) 

      (in an interval) Used charcoal, charcoal, how to use clay charcoal stove sixth day free action, sightseeing day

 The third day tofu mayonnaise          The seventh day impression society adjournment 

      Various how to use miso  


Meeting hironta village Kei Utano made with a Contact non-profit activity corporation village

Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service
3.Transportation business
4.Travel agency
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