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Location of Wharf

※About the rates, please confirm it to each means of transportation. (as for the rates writing at April, 2022)

Nagasaki Port

Nagasaki Port terminal building
17-3, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi
●From JR Nagasaki Station
◎Taxi/about five minutes/about 600 yen
◎/about 15 minutes on foot
◎More for Shogakuji than streetcar/Nagasaki station square is "large pier" getting off 140 yen. It is about 5 minutes on foot after the getting off
●From Nagasaki (Omura) airport
◎It is/1,000 yen in "Dejima road way" of express bus/airport contact bus "Nagasaki Airport Line airport liner" or "the Nagasaki Airport limousine" for ride ("large pier" getting off) about 40 minutes. It is about 5 minutes on foot after the getting off
◎Taxi/about 35 minutes/about 9,740 yen

Sasebo Port

Whale shallows terminal building
8-23, Shinminatomachi, Sasebo-shi
●From JR Sasebo Station, bus center
/about five minutes on foot
●From Nagasaki (Omura) airport
It is/1,400 yen on express bus/airport contact bus "Nagasaki airport line" for ride (the getting off that is "Sasebo bus center (Sasebo station square)") about 85-105 minutes. It is about 5 minutes on foot after the getting off
◎Taxi/about 70 minutes/about 12,040 yen

Fukue Port

Fukue Port terminal
2-3-1, Higashihamamachi, Goto-shi, Nagasaki

Narao Port

Narao Port terminal
982, Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho, Minamimatsuura-gun, Nagasaki

Naru Island Port

Naru Island Port
198-11, Narumachitomari, Goto-shi, Nagasaki

Arikawa Port

Arikawa Port multi-purpose terminal
578-36, Arikawago, Shinkamigoto-cho, Minamimatsuura-gun, Nagasaki

Ojika Port

Ojika Port
Fuefukigo, Ojika-cho, Kitamatsuura-gun, Nagasaki

Ugu flat port

Ugu flat port
2524-23, Ukumachitaira, Sasebo-shi, Nagasaki
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service
3.Transportation business
4.Travel agency
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