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I enjoy an island while doing work of the care

I enjoy Goto while working in an island

It is a plan to act in a visit care station in Goto-shi.
Work a whole bunch until the evening, and enjoy Goto on the weekend;, too.
Open the width of the hobby in the time that work quickly in the day, and had free;, too.
Do you not increase width of the pleasure while working?

Plan introduction

<island nursing> three months stay plan

I mention the nursing of the island while working in a temporary nursing at home station in Goto-shi for three months and am a plan to have you enjoy life in the Goto.
I can challenge that I can do it simply because it is the 3-month stay including the license acquisition of scuba diving and the motorcycle, a cooking class and the ceramic art classroom.
Example) scuba diving license beginner's class (PADI)…A period: Two weeks expense: 77,000 yen
  Motorcycle medium size license (the normal car license holder)…A period: An about one month expense: About 80,000 yen
Do you not increase width of the one anything pleasure in the limited period called three months?
A period: Whole year content: Care in the medical treatment, assistance in the medical treatment, nursing rehabilitation
A target person: The person who has a nurse license, a normal car license
A place: Goto-shi and Naru Island lodging: Wipe NPO corporation; obtain; a lodging (light car for free rental)
The offer staff: A few name
Working conditions:
[wage] Hourly wage 1,200 yen ((hourly wage 1,000 yen) that there is depending on experience for an internship)
[working hours] A.8 at 30 - 12:00 (there is no break) B.8 at 30 - 15:00 (break one hour):
      C. 8:30-17:00 (break one hour)
     [holiday] Weekly holiday two days

Coordinator introduction

It makes a U-turn in local Goto two years ago and is doing the accounting, administration in a temporary nursing at home station now.
I devise a stay type plan to be connected to "I want to live in the Goto" because I want to go to Goto and want to be alone, and many people to experience life in the island Goto full of this charm. I want to provide the plan that lowered incommodiousness and a hurdle of the island life as much as possible that is easy to melt into the life of the island.
I look forward to application.


Stay type coordinator Yuki Shiotsuka 080-2694-5804

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