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I see the sights in rent-a-bicycle

Simple, convenient rent-a-bicycle

hanasho mikikuyano which opened in Uozu ka sakikoennai of the Fukue Island in April, 2021
Do you not take a walk through Puratto Goto in rent-a-bicycle?The sun
I introduce the recommended sightseeing course of the local coordinator
As you can show around the accommodation of Kishikucho, please feel free to contact us

Local coordinator recommended sightseeing course

... history visiting geo-spots ... six hours course to feel

<the first day> (time required six hours)
As soon as hear a flower smile; 10:10 dep. ⇒ wind-generated electricity ⇒ hassaku orange nose shore ⇒ iwaritsushinsha ⇒ money of fortune temple ⇒ Hamada beach (soze Coast)  
⇒ Hear a flower smile (※ lunch); ground circulation ⇒ daoritembosho where is related to an envoy to the Tang Dynasty dep. ⇒ suikoreurakyokai ⇒ riverbank district at/13:00 at 12:00
⇒ I wear it at 16:00 as soon as I hear Mitsui comfort ripple mark geo-spot ⇒ flower smile 

[period] Whole year OK (as soon as I hear the flower smile of Friday, Saturday and Sunday only on a business day)
[meeting place] As soon as hear a flower smile; 1216-3, Kishikucho, Goto-shi
[condition] Come in the clothes that a person (a bicycle of the correspondence from the elementary school upper grades) who can ride a bicycle is mobile
[eligible people] It is OK'd by one 
[rate] Bicycle (six hours) 1,000 yen with the gear
     Bicycle (six hours) 1,500 yen working under electric assistant player 
[thing included in a rate] Rent-a-bicycle charges
            ※The person needing a meal costs a rate separately. 

[as soon as I hear a flower smile a recommended lunch of igai]
  ・Italian restaurant Island food Zeno TEL0959-82-1680
  ・Okonomiyaki lotus flower TEL0959-82-0675
  ※In the case of the use, please make a reservation for you in lunch mentioned above.
  I have various experience-based menus. Please feel free to contact us.



★Bicycle (three) working under electric assistant player
Daily ... 1,500 yen
Less than three hours ... 800 yen
★Bicycle (three) with 6 step shifting gears
Daily ... 1,000 yen
Less than three hours ... 500 yen
※An available day: It becomes the return to - business hours at 10:00 a.m. on a day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
※As business closing time varies according to seasons, please refer. 
I hear a flower smile [rent-a-bicycle]
There is o collecting handling working under train movement assistant player with the gear
The hassaku orange flower shore 
The place where a one-third does growing power of a tree of the Nagasaki plant
I hear a flower smile
While seeing ritsushoshima from the window of the meal venue; a lunch

Zorro who comes, and spreads it
Kishikugo soil dishes of the noodles which I made with flour produced in the hometown
※As for the lunch charges, a rate incurs separately
Mizunoura Church
It is famous as a film location of the Yui Aragaki Yuki Amami lead

The Shiraishi district where the sky Sea dropped in at
An inheritance of Japan concerned can look at an authorized envoy to the Tang Dynasty-related historic spot in 2015

I do business as soon as I hear a flower smile and guide you

A business day: Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning 10:00-16:00 (from June to September)
            10:00-17:00 (July, August)

Application, Contact

As soon as hear a flower smile; 070-8350-4513

※As accident insurance does not play this plan, I recommend participation of the insurance in you on the use.
※Email form is in preparation.....
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service
3.Transportation business
4.Travel agency
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