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Cross trip around the islands etiquette

Do you not experience "healing of the heart" visiting churches in the island of the cross?

"A Takanosu Christian martyrdom place" as a destination the island of the A leaf and fruit of the hollycross [cross]

Visiting 14 cathedrals in the medium-grade articles island (Goto) where this is calledCar (coupe)

I perform the faith of "the Via Crucis line" while remembering a history of the suffering of the hiding ChristianShiningly


The Via Crucis line was performed in a ceremony held in the Catholic Church from last years of Middle Ages. Keep individual places and events in a heart until revival after the suffering from arrest of the suffering of Jesus Christ in 15 scenes; and is ho gemasu for prayer. Perform a prayer by the pilgrimage to the Holy Land at each place, but the sacred picture of 14 scenes is raised on the wall from arrest to a burial in the temple of Confucius of the Catholic Church, prayer to the 14th is ho geraremasu particularly during Lent.                                                      [cross trip around the islands etiquette] This performs a Via Crucis line visiting 14 churches in the medium-grade articles island (Goto, Nagasaki chain of islands).


○Trip (during every year [Lent] period)

Departure place: Narao Port - first ryu: Takai trip cathedral - second ryu: Fukumi cathedral - third ryu: Beach skewer cathedral ...

            Fourth ryu: senkomorikyokaido - fifth ryu: Sanobara cathedral - sixth ryu: Old sea bream no urakyokaido

            The seventh ryu: Sea bream no urakyokaido - destination: Takanosu Christian martyrdom place - eighth ryu: Blue one cathedral ...

            The ninth ryudaihikyokaido - tenth ryu: Trace next cathedral - eleventh ryu: Both hands no urakyokaido

            The twelfth ryu: Middle no urakyokaido - thirteenth ryu: Oura, Wakamatsu cathedral - 14th ryu: Paulownia cathedral


[manner of the pilgrimage]                                                              

・You take off a hat in the temple and are careful with a whisper, and please sit down calmly.                                                                ・For you, ... will pray for a friend for a family.                                         ・Please do not touch the thing in the temple.                                                    ・Please do not enter the fence, the inner sanctum (altar area).                                                   ・Eating and drinking, smoking, the drinking in the temple are strictly prohibited.                                                      ・Photography in the temple is in principle prohibition. (please have it for the film of the heart)

※When mass, ceremonial occasion are carried out, please refrain from nyudo.                                           ※Depending on time, there is the church where a key is put on.                                              


* Rate (only as for the rate of the pilgrimage guide)

 ・It is 10,000 yen 5,000 yen all day (eight hours) in participation number of people one - ten ..., half day (four hours)

 ・The X participation number of people 11 participation number of people or more in ... ... half day (four hours) of 500 yen per person 

                                                 The all day (eight hours) X participation number of people of 1000 yen per person                                                                                                                               

 ※The transportation expenses such as a route bus taxi and the rent-a-car and the hotel charges become the user burden.


Traffic companies reference ※Wish does a reservation than a customer.                                                                  ・Misuzu sightseeing taxi (Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho) TEL: 0959-44-1797                                                          ・Toyota Renta lease Narao, Nagasaki store (Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho) TEL: 0959-44-1200                                                       ・Narao rent-a-car (Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho) TEL: 0959-44-0364                                                        ・Car rental Goto Islands (Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho) TEL: 0959-44-0261                                                         ・It is Goto office (Aokatago, Shinkamigoto-cho) TEL in Saihi bus: 0959-52-2015


Each staying reference ※I would like a reservation than a customer.                                                         ・Goto Adventure Inn (Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho) TEL: 0959-44-1722                                                           ・The island (Aokatago, Shinkamigoto-cho) TEL of the guest house cross: 0959-52-3582                                                                                                                                                                                                       

I see a flyer

Takahiro Hanasaki (Hanasaki Takahiro)

The resources which lie in the island for stay type business!

I work on "the issue of empty house" while going Nada, Goto, and coming.
Until March of the next year, I suggested a method of "the sales up not to spend money" on to the company as a member of industrial support in Shinkamigoto-cho industry support center (Sima-Biz) after it made a U-turn in upper Goto in March, 2018.
The profit a lot of resources which are not utilized lie in the island including "an empty house".
I coordinate stay type business with the originality that I call at the top of my voice in wisdom, and a profit applied resources lying in the island in effectively.
In the village where the Japanese old culture such as "a large snake legend" or "a kappa legend" remained, our unique culture that was the progeny of the hiding Christian has been formed.
I believe the legendary creatures such as a large snake or the kappa somewhere while believing in foreign-made only absolute God. Do you not think that it is some mysterious culture?
"I do not know whether you are not whether you are," but can live in the "providence" without the which was thinking about anything.
 Does various religion not leave the body to the sometimes "providence" in this "island of the prayer" coexisting by high density?     >I look at the detailed contents


Stay type coordinator Takahiro Hanasaki 070-1941-5633

※I recommend that I take out the domestic travel accident insurance of enough sums in you.
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Kyushu Syosen
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