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With a kimono, a yukata town walk plan (with the drink set)

Goto street walk plan feeling the trace of the castle town

A Goto residence, heart character ka pond, the central part of the Goto including the samurai residence street are the towns where scenery to feel a trace remains of the castle town from Fukue Ishida-jo Castle.
I should be able to surely meet the thing which I do not see, the thing that it is not felt by the sightseeing of the run if I take a walk through a town with kimono look slowly
It is a breath after the walk relievedly slowcafe tayutaude in one with an advantageous drink set

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I walk the town while feeling the scenery of the castle town of the central part of the Goto

It is walked the town with a kimono for the ‼ making of memory of the unusual trip against a backdrop of Ishida-jo Castle and a samurai residence

[period] It is all year OK
[meeting place] kiwawa 1-10-1, Higashihamamachi, Goto-shi
[condition] Advance reservations system until the day before
[eligible people] ... six (when I exceed it, please consult) of one
[rate] I return it with a kimono by 17:30 for town walk plan 6,000 yen (tax-included) 1st
I return it with a      yukata by 17:30 for town walk plan (summer, autumn limitation) 5,000 yen (tax-included) 1st  
[thing included in a rate] Kimono rental, drink dessert set or hamburger
[option] As you will cope in pay separately, in the case of a reservation, ask professional beautician hair sets.

Goto street walk model course

On the day I hand a Goto street walk map.

Coordinator introduction

NPO corporation BaRaKa

If it is Goto Islands, anything entrusts you! 
I am representative Yuko Kataoka of NPO corporation BaRaKa.
Culture art promotes Goto-shi, Shinkamigoto-cho in main for approximately ten years and is a group performing the holding of the product exhibition.
Slow Cafe floats rootlessly near the Fukue Port. A cafe called this is a base.

Application, Contact

Stay type coordinator NPO corporation BaRaKa: 0959-88-9444

※I recommend that I take out the domestic travel accident insurance of enough sums in you.
The name ※required
Furigana ※required
Phone number ※required

※An example: 095-828-3125 or 0958283125
E-mail address ※required
Desired contact information ※required
Zip code
(example) 850-0035 or 8500035

Application, Contact contents ※required
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service
3.Transportation business
4.Travel agency
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