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From pack product (from April to September) two people

Joyfull pack Goto (I accept it than two people)

It is the free plan that "round-trip ferry fare" + "hotel charges" were bundled.
The change is possible in a Jetfoil or a high-speed ship by a ship with an up rate, too.
As the surface mail can choose favorite time, is most suitable for a free island trip;  
I update from the thing which the contents of the plan were able to establish at any time.
When a plan you like has not been published yet, I am sorry to trouble you, but please wait a minute now.

About an inquiry, an application

Please refer by a telephone feeling free to contact us or an email;  

* A reference: Kyushu Syosen tourist bureau
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi Kyushu Syosen headquarters building 2F (budget hotel Newport 2F)
FAX :095-823-2664

※As there is not it in the Nagasaki Port terminal, please be careful.

<business hours>
Weekdays…It is celebration 00-12 AM9 on a day on 00 PM13:00~17:00 Saturday…Absent
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service
3.Transportation business
4.Travel agency
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