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Nice shot day return plan

A very advantageous plan revived!

Very popular golf plan! !
1. I golf at the best location of "the Goto country club" and play!
2. It is surface mail to be able to enjoy leisurely in a day!
3. With pickup and drop-off of the relief!
4. Furthermore, there is the present of "the island advantageous currency", too! (per person for 500 yen)
The above is included, and per person anything and "11,800 yen" (tax-included) The mark that I startled at ※Weekdays rate
Even if, on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, propose it whenever; "13,800 yen" (tax-included)

It is a nice shot towards the beautiful sky and sea of the Goto!

"A Goto country club"
 Fukue Island located at the southernmost tip in Goto Islands. The Goto country club which spreads out next to Mt. ogre becoming the symbol,
 The sea overlook it from most courses and is the best location offering the Nature.
 Please enjoy something golf in a course only by the Goto.


Nagasaki Port (7:40 dep.) - Fukue Port (9:05 arr.)
== = (pickup and drop-off) = = = golf play (around 10:00-15:00) = = = (pickup and drop-off) = = =
Fukue Port (16:50 dep.) - Nagasaki Port (20:00 arr.)

Travel expenses

11800 yen per person
・Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
13800 yen per person
The thing included in travel expenses:
 ・Round-trip ship fare, golf 1 play (belonging to pickup and drop-off), consumption tax
The departure date: From April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020
(setting exclusion day every Monday, 6/19-6/21, 8/10-8/20, 8/28-8/29)
A reception desk: From two people
A deadline for application: Until four days before the departure date
・The Jetfoil cannot play jikomi of the golf bag.
 I would appreciate your sending it beforehand by yourself.
 Goto country club (TEL0959-72-4526) 〒 853-0011 1985, Shimoozucho, Goto-shi, Nagasaki
・It becomes the self-play. (I come by a fairway run) ※At the time of rainy weather.
・As the locker fee is not included, please pay 320 yen separately.
It is available in a souvenir shop and the restaurant joining of the island
An island currency present to untie of 500 yen per person!
 Example) four are *4 500 yen…For 2,000 yen
 The reading of a cell-phone or the smartphone is necessary for note) use.

About a flow, payment, the cancellation fee of the reservation

1.Please send information to an application form after the input.
2.I confirm the space situation of the plan and send "a reservation confirmation" than the person in charge.
3.Please pay travel expenses by a designated date.
  ★A payment method: "Transfer to the designated bank account" or "payment by a visit to an office"
  ※A customer, please bear the transfer fee.
  ※The payment by the credit card is possible only when I have you visit an office.
4.By departure, I send one set of ticket by courier service.
      ※I hand it at a window only when the date of the departure cannot do forwarding soon.
※I may change to some extent by an application reception desk day, but the above is the flow of the basic reservation.
※I will inform you from the person in charge within three business days.
 <business day: I take a rest on a holiday on the 9:00~12:30 afternoon of Saturday, a day on 9:00~17:30 Saturday on weekdays>
※About a cancellation fee
○Until eight days before ten days ago - of the departure date: Until two days before seven days ago - of 20 %○ departure date of the price: 30% of price
○The departure date day before: 40 %○ departure date day of the price: After 50 %○ trip start of the price: 100% of price

The application from this

Plan name
Representative full name ※required
Furigana ※required
The date of birth ※required
/ /   
Sex ※required
Phone number ※required
E-mail address ※required
Contact information desired ※required
Hope time of the telephone communication
Zip code ※required
(example) 850-0035 or 8500035
Address ※required

The participation number of people (adult) ※required
The participation number of people (child)
※Less than primary schoolchild
The participation number of people (infant)
The departure date (the first hope) ※required
※Setting exclusion day every Monday, 6/19-6/21, 8/10-8/20, 8/28-8/29
The departure date (the second hope)
The departure date (the third hope)
※Please input about the companion as follows.
Companion 1
Companion 1: Full name ※required
Companion 1: Furigana ※required
Companion 1: The date of birth ※required
/ /   
Companion 1: Sex ※required
Companion 1: Phone number ※required

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 2
Companion 2: Full name
Companion 2: Furigana
Companion 2: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 2: Sex
Companion 2: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 3
Companion 3: Full name
Companion 3: Furigana
Companion 3: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 3: Sex
Companion 3: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 4
Companion 4: Full name
Companion 4: Furigana
Companion 4: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 4: Sex
Companion 4: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 5
Companion 5: Full name
Companion 5: Furigana
Companion 5: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 5: Sex
Companion 5: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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