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Upper Goto luxury plan (from April to September)

Hamagurihama beach
Upper Goto luxury plan

Upper Goto free plan (round-trip ship fare + hotel charges)

This plan becomes a receptionist than two people.

Target period
For from April 1, 2024 to September 30, 2024 departure
※A setting exclusion day: 8/8-8/18
 [contents 1 of the plan] 
"Round-trip ferry fare + hotel charges" (two meals of overnight breakfast or1 nights) are bundled and are advantageous!

※It is changeable to a Jetfoil, high speed ship for adult 3,000 yen dwarf 1,500 yen per one way.
 [contents 2 of the plan] 
I can choose the hotel among two places where are popular for upper Goto!

Please prefer it to "Hotel Margherita Narao" "HOTEL AOKA KAMIGOTO".
Travel expenses, reservation
※Hit one-way in a Jetfoil, a high-speed ship in the case of a change
Adult 3,000 yen dwarf 1,500 yen up

┃Hotel Margherita Narao

I open as the second shop of "the hotel Margherita" of the  extreme popularity in March, 2019!
The resort hotel which is built in the best place called five minutes by car from  Narao Port.
Please spend a wonderful time in extensive space based on  white.
The dishes which I used the ingredients of the  hometown for abundantly are attractive!
 712-3, Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho (a car than Narao Port five minutes)

Travel expenses (tax-included)

※Day before holiday (the day before of Sundays and holidays) staying…3,300 yen up
※5/1-5/5, 8/4-8/8 staying…8,800 yen up (there is no overlap with the day before holiday)
※Infant facilities fee (0 years old ... non-school children)…3,300 yen
※Bath tax…Per night 150 yen (please pay in the field)
Margherita Narao (superior twin)
Superior twin
Margherita Narao (large communal bath)
Large communal bath
Margherita Narao (dinner)
Dinner (image)
Margherita Narao (deluxe)


It is the new hotel which just opened in the 2019 12 a year moon.
Both the heart and the body are refreshment in space calm by  fashion 
As I prepare for various room types, is most suitable for both the family and business!
I can add the dinner option in "restaurant umigoto", too.
 1714, Aokatago, Shinkamigoto-cho (a car than Arikawa Port 15 minutes)

Travel expenses (tax-included)

※4/29-5/5, 7/19-8/31 staying…8,800 yen up
※The use of the layer flat of 4.5 is 1,000 yen minus
※Use of the layer flat of two is 1,000 yen up
※A dinner option is this
In aoka Goto (twin)
In aoka Goto (flat)
In aoka Goto (lobby)
In aoka Goto (the appearance)
The hotel appearance

┃HOTEL AOKA KAMIGOTO dinner option

The course that can make a reservation by day changes.
[Monday and Tuesday] MICHO course
6,600 yen/
[water ... day] UMIGOTO course
7,800 yen/
[water ... day] Celebrity course
12,000 yen/

Reservation method

On a reservation, apply than the following reservation request form after checking instructions.
In addition, the receptionist of the reservation request becomes until five business days before departure. (a business day: on weekdays)

Please confirm it by all means

About the flow until a reservation decision
I confirm the space situation at a hotel after I receive a reservation request from a customer as we are outbreak arrangement.
I establish a reservation if there are any spaces and see off a guide about a reservation confirmation and the payment by an email at that point.
I will reply it by an email in so without a space.
As I will reply it within three business days, please wait. (a business day: on weekdays)
※As the reservation is not settled at the point in time when you sent a reservation request to me, please be careful.
About accommodation date
※When a use of accommodations day in the pack is different from the surface mail of the outward trip, it is not available. (e.g.,: unavailable on 4/2 on 4/1 outward trip, use of hotel day)
 Please note that you become the receptionist of equivalence day.
(when I take staying after eyes in a pack in 2 nights, it takes "additional staying price" separately)
(the guest arrangement after 2 night eyes is possible, too. Please fill in so in the reservation request remarks column)
※The changes from the product which you made a reservation of in OTA (Rakuten Travel, jalan, Ikkyu .COM) to our package product are not accepted for prevention of trouble. For more details, please confirm a common question.

Plan contents
It is included in travel expenses
  • Round-trip ferry fare (in the case of a change, a Jetfoil improves adult 3,000 yen dwarf 1,500 yen per one way in a high-speed ship)
  • The hotel charges
 Margherita Narao: With half board
 AOKA KAMIGOTO: Per night with breakfast ※Dinner addition is possible at an optional rate
  • Consumption tax
The departure date
From April 1, 2024 to September 30, 2024 ※A setting exclusion day: 8/8-8/18
Deadline for application
Until five business days before the departure date (a business day: on weekdays)
Reception desk
It is more receivable than two people group
  • Margherita Narao: 1 dinner 1 breakfast 
  • AOKA KAMIGOTO: 1 breakfast (I can add the dinner at an optional rate)
Child of the infant
When a seat, the meal of the Jetfoil, high speed ship, futon are not necessary, I am free of charge.
※I come to have you hold it in your arm on the knee in the ship.
※It comes to support sleep sharing at the hotel.
※When a seat, a meal, futon are necessary, I become treated like a dwarf.
Kyushu Syosen tourist bureau 095-823-0423
<business hours> Weekdays 9:00-12:00/13:00-17:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays rest


About a reception desk

How many people is a receptionist from?
The reservation reception desk until several days before the departure date
When is the reservation settled?

About the contents of the plan

Can you extend the plan of 2 days and 1 night?
Can you change only the convenience of the return journey of the plan of 2 days and 1 night on another day?
When a ship is canceled, what happens?
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