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[‼ where is near holding] All-Japan black sea bream fishing meet

The fifth all-Japan black sea bream fishing meet

Target [black sea bream] which is popular regardless of any people regardless of age or sex from a full-scale angler to a beginner

[all-Japan black sea bream fishing meet] is held at sacred place Goto Islands of fishing.
Please do an entry for the hot fight that you spent championship prize money 510 1,000 yen on

The black sea bream fishing meet intelligence ofiice (formally) application from this

Coordinator introduction

The person wanting the dinner at the hotel, please make a prior reservation in you.
 In addition, the payment for a coupon or the island advantageous currency is possible about the adjustment.

Kazuhisa Iwanaga (Kazuhisa Iwanaga)

At "Mecca of fishing" Goto Islands, do you not experience fishing? 
The which wants to eat the person who wants to do fishing in Goto and the which wants to learn a technique more, the fish which I caught by oneself is welcome.
I liked fishing and came to post it on a fishing magazine since childhood from around 1990.
I can introduce point and how to catch at a place ranging from the beach of the Goto to pier fishing.
It is so me in anything komori that devised all layer uki "kz-gtr" from kizakura of the float.
I have appeared on a fishing program, and the arm has oneself.
The full-scale angler is guiding you than the cause now to the high fishing place of the probability that a master can catch fishing with security a little such as families and a beginner, the woman.
Kyushu Syosen
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