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Spring taste season nosora beans full stomach tour (lower Goto, Fukue Island)

2 days and 1 night of the schedule from Sunday, May 10, 2020 to Wednesday, May 20 period
  I harvest meeting etasora beans in season on the first day (Fukue Island).
I thoroughly enjoy             fried kisora beans and soup
  Use sora mameame oo on the second day (Goto); and to a hiding Christian of the connection there is
           "I sulk and experience the steamed bun" making of
    Please enjoy Shimauchi sightseeing freely in a spare time.
Experience-based rate [harvest of first day sora beans experience]
      Time required three hours
      Crop experience charges adult 1,000 yen student 800 yen
            I charge 3,000 yen as take-out charges separately
            (container one 10 kilos - around 15 kilos for the crop)
     [the entering sora beans an bulges on the second day and experiences the making of steamed bun]
      Time required three hours
      Crop experience charges adult 2,000 yen student 1,000 yen
Staying, the transportation expenses are not included.

Coordinator introduction

Ability Tsu moral teachings (Tokunori Saitsu)

The main industry of the Goto is agriculture.
I made a U-turn ten years ago and began agriculture.
As you know, there are the aging of the scholar of agriculture, the problem including the TPP problem, but is industry with full of the charm.
Please experience it how the vegetables which everybody eats every day are brought up whether you harvest it, and you circulate.

Application, inquiry

Stay type business coordinator ability Tsu moral teachings 090-2115-2259

※I recommend that I take out the domestic travel accident insurance of enough sums in you.
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Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
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2.Harbor express service
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4.Travel agency
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