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Our basic policy about the handling of the personal information

Internet reservation (about the handling of the personal information)

When you use the Internet reservation of the Kyushu Syosen, I ask a customer for a sign-in.
The information to have you register becomes ID, an e-mail address, the name, the phone number.
The information that had you register uses only the following purpose.
    a.To identify the customer who made a reservation.
    b.For an answer to establishment, cancellation of the reservation and the communication with the customer.
I may not use it other than these purposes.
In addition, other than the written reading proposal from a police station, Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, the Public Prosecutor's Office, I may not disclose information to a third party.

About the usage of the Internet reservation

Thank you very much for using the Internet reservation.
As I list guidance, instructions about the Internet reservation use in our page, I would appreciate your reading by all means.

1. About the registration of the member

(1)When you use the Internet reservation, a sign-in is necessary.
(2)The next item is necessary on a sign-in.
    ・E-mail address
    ・The name (family name, the name)
    ・Phone number
(3)The ID at the time of the reservation, please use the thing that you of member had you decide it with less than eight columns of half size British numbers.
(4)After the registration completion, I reply by a password by an email. ※The password is modifiable.
(5)These Terms of Use may change addition, the correction without a notice.

2. About a reservation

On the day I accept it until one hour before the departure from a port from 9:00 a.m. of the same day two months ago of the embarkation day.
A note: Only in the case of ○・△ indication, a vacant seat is possible about the reservation of embarkation daily allowance day. (please confirm the X over a telephone)
 Example> An August 10 embarkation reservation is acceptance from 9:00 a.m. of June 10. 
       April 29, 30th, a May 1 embarkation reservation is acceptance from 9:00 a.m. of March 1.
②This Internet reservation accepts a one-way or round-trip reservation in the following period.
 <Nagasaki -Goto route> Jetfoil ... whole year
                          Only as for ferry ... from August 10 to August 17 (tray time)
<Nagasaki Arikawa route> High speed ship sea princess, the sea angel ... whole year
 <in Sasebo - a Goto route> High speed ship sea queen, bigguasu 2 ... whole year
          Only as for ferry ... from August 10 to August 17 (tray time)
③In the case of the round-trip use, you have you choose the coming and going if a return is less than 14 days including the departure date, and please reserve the coming and going separately by one way when you surpass it.
 But the return journey embarkation service cannot make a reservation by coming and going other than the reservation reception desk period.
 (when either is full, please be reserved by a round-trip reservation again by one way)
④As a group becomes handled when it is higher than 15 people, please reserve it over a telephone by an equivalence service.
⑤The reservation operation of the same embarkation day is possible to three cases. (the number of reservations remains even if canceled)
 But I become the receptionist to five people per one.
⑥About the inquiry such as reservations more than item ⑤, I would like the telephone.
⑦I am based on the time of our server machine at the reservation reception desk time.
⑧I did not hear waiting for a cancellation.
⑨I did not hear the reservation by the email.
⑩As a vacant seat may appear, please confirm even the indication that it is full at a vacant seat inquiry screen over a telephone.

3. About the answer to reservation

After the reservation completion, I reply by a reservation reconfirmation contents email within ten minutes.
(when there is not the reply of the answer, please contact our reservation center within 30 minutes.)

4. Reference about the Internet reservation

The inquiry about the answer to operation method and confirmation, change, reservation reply, others is ...
Kyushu Syosen head office reservation center TEL: 0570-017510
Business hours weekdays>To 9:00-17:30
Saturday>To 9:00-12:30
I should take a rest for the afternoon of Saturday, Sundays and holidays, the New Year holidays.

5. About reduced fare

(1)You can use student discount, person with a physical disability discount, islanders discount by the Internet reservation.
(2)In the case of the use, in the case of the embarkation ticket purchase, please offer student discount, person with a physical disability discount, islanders discount and other various discount to a member of teller.
※As a thing proving discount is necessary, please show a student discount certificate or a person with a physical disability discount notebook to a window
※Of the thing proving it when cannot show it, on the day may have the payment for the balance at a window.
(3)I do not perform the special discount by the Internet reservation.

6. About a change, the cancellation of the reservation

Case before the settlement
①As you cannot change a date and the section of the embarkation day, you cancel an original reservation, and please take the reservation again.
②When the number of people is added, you take an additional reservation or cancel an original reservation, and please make a reservation again.
 Case after the settlement
③In the case of the number of people change and cancellation, a predetermined cancellation fee is caused.
④As you cannot change to one way, on a date, please change section, the number of people, coming and going over a telephone.

7. Point out the handling of the infant

(1)When I do not use a seat about an infant younger than six years, it becomes free to one infant for one adult. (please embrace it to above the knee of the companion)
(2)Under 6 years or older 12 years old become the dwarf fare.
(3)As a dwarf fare is necessary in the case of the use in infants in a seat, the reservation of the seat is necessary.
(4)When an infant, the baby that a seat is not used comes, a reservation is necessary.
(5)About the Jetfoil of the Nagasaki Goto route, an infant comes to need the ride of the attendance person, only in infants cannot go on board. In addition, the age targeted for the attendance person becomes from more than junior high student.

8. About the purchase of the embarkation ticket

(1)On the day you have a reservation number, the name tell at port of embarkation window within 30 minutes before the departure from a port, and please purchase it about the embarkation ticket that a reservation completes. (but to → (3) except a tray, New Year holidays)
(2)When reservation numbers are separate, please purchase way back at the time of the purchase of the outward trip embarkation ticket by a round-trip reservation.
(when it is not the round-trip simultaneous purchase, I cannot apply the round-trip discount, island dep. discount)
(3)Please confirm a deadline for purchase by the answer email that it was replied as I may arrange the deadline for purchase about a tray period and the year-end and New Year period by all means.
※As you are canceled automatically when he/she does not purchase it even if it is past a time limit, please be careful
(4)Cash or a credit card is available to the payment at a window.
※As for the Jetfoil, credit card convenience store on-line banking, Japan Post Bank ATM is all year available to the high-speed ship, ferries of the tray period.

9. About the cancellation of the disconnection

I may demand a cancellation fee with being made a reservation when on the day it is not got in a disconnection.

10. About other, being careful

(1)The Jetfoil declines the carry-on of the air conditioner boxes such as air conditioners for an air conditioner, the fishing for the leisure.
(2)Please inquire for the baggage with the weight including the golf bag beforehand. I bring in the more than 70 cases, and the vacant seat situation of the embarkation service is possible four days before the embarkation. ※But eight or more become impossible of a carry-on for an equivalence service.
(3)I bring in the thing within 10 kg to one, two, and the sum of baggage ... three sides is less than 1 meter and weight is possible. ※Size, the thing to surpass of the mandarin orange box degree becomes impossible of a carry-on
(4)Pet ... small size dog, the cat can go on board together only when they put it in the case (basket).
※A guide dog and a deaf person's dog, the service dog can just go on board.
(5)As for the Jetfoil and the high-speed ship, it is an entirely non-smoking seat all seat reserved seats.
(6)As for the Jetfoil, the wearing of the seat belt becomes the imposition.
(7)I attach a loss certificate of the setting to each port window and, about the embarkation ticket, the loss of the exchange ticket, can demand the refund of a fare and the rate only for less than one year of the term of validity.
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
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3.Transportation business
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