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Various discount application downloading

 I can download various discount applications.
(entry example) You comply with this and fill in necessary information, and please submit it to a window.
※An application and the embarkation list are necessary by one piece in principle one way.
 But, only in the case of the round-trip simultaneous purchase, is one piece of application by a Jetfoil service; for coming and going can file.
※About "mainland going to hospital discount," hospitals are installed in medical facilities or the Kyushu Syosen embarkation window.
 As the exhibition of various required documents is necessary, please prepare beforehand.
 (⇒About the flow of necessary documents and the use to this

List (border remote island islanders discount, student group discount is common) for the Shimauchi student group

※A president, please seal it.
※About the embarkation list of the student group discount, I can apply even school's original list if with each president seal.
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