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Navigation Schedule, fare

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Nagasaki - Goto route

Nagasaki - Arikawa route

High-speed surface mail

It is Goto route in Sasebo ...

Of Goto Islands [world's cultural heritage] "Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection inheritance" of the Amakusa district

[A] Village of the Kuga Island

Former Gorin Church

[B] Egami village of the Naru Island

Egami Church

[C] Village of the Kashiragashima

Head ka island Lord of Heaven temple

[D] Village trace of the Nozaki Island

Former Nokubi church

A "KYUSHO pass" appearance!

All the customers
Thank you very much for always using Kyushu Syosen.
I carry out the "KYUSHO pass" which can get with our all routes, all ships classes for [Jetfoil round-trip fare +500 yen] eight times in total in three days from July 1, 2019 discount.
For more details, please see an upper image.

About "Ojika - Tsuwazaki - Arikawa" flight

  ※Suspension day ... 12/31 Tuesday second flight (Arikawa dep., Ojika dep.), all 1/1 Wednesday convenience

  ※Until March 6, 2020 is going to navigate it.

  ※This business is a thing by the trust from Ojika-cho.

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