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Nagasaki - Goto route

Nagasaki - Arikawa route

High-speed surface mail

It is a Goto route in Sasebo ...

Of Goto Islands [world's cultural heritage] "Nagasaki and hiding Christian connection inheritance" of the Amakusa district

[A] Village of the Kuga Island

Former Gorin Church

[B] Egami village of the Naru Island

Egami Church

[C] Village of the Kashiragashima

Head ka island Lord of Heaven temple

[D] Village trace of the Nozaki Island

Former Nokubi church

A "KYUSHO pass" appearance!

A "KYUSHO pass" appearance!

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for considering Kyushu Shosen.

Since 1st of July, 2019, we offer “KYUHO PASS”, discount ticket that allows you to be onboard for all our boats/vessels and for all our routes, for 8 times in 3days in a row.

The price is [jetfoil round-trip fare plus JPY500].

For more information, please check out the image (PDF?) above

※It is finished in the end of May, 2024. As the new release becomes until May 29, please be careful.
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