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Let's become a sweet potato field owner of Goto Islands

And "I become the owner of the satsumoimo field original Kankoromochi structure" plan

I become the ownerThe right arrow (red) which turns to the top of the sweet potato field and, from the plantation of the seedling, harvest it,
It is Kurushima by the making of boiling dekankoro, the making of Kankoromochi several times in the year
You have, and please experience it.
While it is not come, a local company acts and helps you
I do it.
Of course please enjoy the visiting sightseeing spots of Goto Islands during a stay.

Let's become a sweet potato field owner

which becomes the owner of the sweet potato field, and mends original Kankoromochi
It is made with crop, boiling dekankoro, and, from the plantation of the seedling, do you not experience the making of Kankoromochi?
An area: A 1 are (100 square meters) yield: Around 200 kilos
Please enjoy visiting sightseeing spots of Goto Islands during a stay
①Plantation period       From May 1 to June 10 (around four hours)
②From November 10 to December 15 (around eight hours) made with crop, boiling dekankoro
③The making of Kankoromochi      From December 20 to February 10 (around four hours)
I take away the small potato which is not suitable for Kankoromochi and come.
I come by yo ttakankoromoo take-out by the making of Kankoromochi.
From straight potato 20 kilos, it is yudekankoro about 5 kilos
5 kilos nokankorokara, kankoromochi about 40/250 g
①②③Because both processes depend on the weather, it becomes the adjustment required in a schedule.
When I cannot come to the field by either process, a company acts.
When I use delivery to home to the home, the postage is caused separately.
Ten offer number of people
Rate 50,000 yen (the hotel charges, transportation expenses are excluded)
The person resident in attention Goto Islands cannot apply

Coordinator introduction

Ability Tsu moral teachings (Tokunori Saitsu)

The main industry of the Goto is agriculture.
I made a U-turn ten years ago and began agriculture.
As you know, there are the aging of the scholar of agriculture, the problem including the TPP problem, but is industry with full of the charm.
Please experience it how the vegetables which everybody eats every day are brought up whether you harvest it, and you circulate.

Application, inquiry

Stay type business coordinator ability Tsu moral teachings 090-2115-2259

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Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
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4.Travel agency
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