Goto itinerary
I leave a trip to Goto to Kyushu Syosen!
A ship prepares the pack product which was bundled.
So that as there are a tour for a limited time and the advantageous combination plan, making a reservation hastens it!
 Goto Islands 
 World heritage tour 
Does advantageous & not easily circulate through a world heritage of the Goto?
Sale is a popular recommended plan from the first!
To a trip to visit the world heritage, and to conflict with history♪
Coming soon…
 Goto Islands pack product 
The free plan that "round-trip ferry fare" + "hotel charges" were bundled! As it controls arrangement, it is easy to use♬
It is most suitable for a free island trip!
The tour that is advantageous in season 
Plan etc of one-day golf, one
I picked up the staff recommended plan.
As I prepare for various types of plans,
Please find the plan that is good to you!