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To stay at the Goto Islands

The deep blue sea and sky, the interchange with people full of the human touch.
Do you not experience a living in wonderful Goto who does not readily know only by sightseeing?

Do you not stay in Goto Islands?

 Low birthrate and aging, population being washed away are going by great force now in Japanese most remote islands. Goto Islands where we run a route becomes the most important problem of the island without exception.
The people of islanders predominate to plan the activation of the island in such state, and it is important that make preparations that I receive a person of the mainland for a heart of the hospitality. To that end, it is necessary for, besides, the people of the island to make the stay type product that is attractive for people of the mainland based on industry such as agriculture or the fishery nature, a tradition, a history of the Goto.
We launch stay type business to increase stay visitors from 2016 to Goto Islands based on these purpose and elect ten "stay type business coordinators" in upper Goto and the lower Goto it and begin the creation of the stay type product. I want to offer the first of the stay type product to all of you here.
You put the product which was rich in the variety that accepted a purpose together and, through the experience only in the island and the interchange with the person, can use it while enjoying beautiful nature in the everywhere.
In addition, I hope that you see "a list of stay type products" by all means as it is to the product which can choose a part-time job and an empty house, the accommodations for people staying for a long term depending on preference. In addition, I would appreciate your inquiring for the flight of the foot in Shimauchi.
Please expect us from now on while asking about the product needs about the stay from all of you as you will develop a more attractive stay type product menu using the interesting material of the island. If there are a question or a new request in the use, I have the provided company talk about the "Kyushu Syosen stay type business coordinator" and stay type product of the notice and guide you to come to "Goto Islands" to thoroughly enjoy the right or wrong "charm of the island" "life of the island".
January, 2017
Kyushu Syosen
President beauty root fine weather good luck
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