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An island trip of the Goto Islands custom tailoring to you

[meeting of the guide] A trip of the Chairperson Aoyama recommendation! Upper Goto rent-a-car plan

It is a plan to guide the sightseeing led by Christian-related inheritance facilities of the upper Goto by a rent-a-car having you borrow it from a customer. I prepared for the course that included contents only by Chairperson Aoyama including the story of father of lecture and kakurekirishitan of the sister of the monastery.
I coordinate the whole Goto Islands that snuggled up to other customers and assemble an original plan only for you

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[meeting of the guide] A trip of the Chairperson Aoyama recommendation! Upper Goto rent-a-car plan

<the first day> (time required eight hours)
Village walk of Narao Port terminal ⇒ paulownia church (at a paulownia monastery the lecture of the sister) ⇒ kakurekirishitan  
⇒Kirishitan Cave (the shallows ferry boat) ⇒ (I hear a story from father of kakurekirishitan) ⇒ Ohashi, Wakamatsu 
⇒no urakyokai ⇒ accommodation out of dragon Kanzan observation station ⇒ Oura, Wakamatsu church ⇒ 

<the second day> (time required seven hours) 
Accommodation ⇒ head ke island Lord of Heaven temple ⇒ Mt. Kujirami observation station, Kaido-jinja Shrine ⇒ old sea bream no urakyokai ⇒ blue sand ka urakyokai 
⇒ Relation intellect church ⇒ kotaikyokai ⇒ Kogushi Oura church ⇒ Yosuke Tetsukawa home trace ⇒ Arikawa Port terminal 

[period] It is all year OK
[meeting place] Narao Port terminal
[condition] The rent-a-car becomes the customer arrangement. ※A guide does same as above. The driving is in the customers, please.
     I cope to one person - four people (five or more talk about the pivot)
[eligible people] From one to small group, group. I accept it from a child to a physical person with a disability, the advanced age widely.
[rate] Two days 15, 000 yen (to 1 to 4 persons) ※Five or more are consultation required
     ※The use only for 1st is possible, too. First day 8,000 yen second day 7,000 yen 
[thing included in a rate] Guide charges
[other expenses] One shallows ferry boat charges 8,000 yen to Kirishitan Cave, two people (4,000 yen per one) three or more (3,500 yen per one)
       It is 1,000 yen per lecture ... of the sister
       It is 2,000 yen per story ... of father of kakurekirishitan
       The lunch charges are charged respectively.
[upper Goto car rental agency]
  ・Toyota Renta lease Narao (Narao district) TEL0959-44-0364
  ・Toyota Renta lease Arikawa (Arikawa district) TEL0959-53-0100 
  ・It is Goto (Kogushi district) TEL050-3674-6840 in a rent-a-car with a smile
  The guidance such as an inn, the vacation rental in Shinkamigoto-cho is possible, too.

⇓⇓Ask upper Goto oldness and the meeting of the guide in LINE⇓⇓

Coordinator introduction

Kazunobu Aoyama

If it is Goto Islands, anything entrusts you! 
I work at the Shinkamigoto-cho office until a retirement age. I see Goto oldness and Chairperson meeting ③ Nagasaki community improvement network meeting Goto block representative ④ of the guide in ➀ Nagasaki tour guide contact meeting chairperson ⓶ and am acting as the Goto executive committee secretariat now in JOY publication editing room editing committee member ⑤ Wakamatsu hometown cram school private school student ⑥ triathlon in. A lot of groups which myself founded follow the activity even now.
I reach a retirement age and am thinking last year to fall into town planning to the full, and to move into action. I show around nature, history, culture, experience of the island, special Goto Islands that everybody did not know so far.

Application, Contact

Stay type coordinator Kazunobu Aoyama: 090-9594-0409

※I recommend that I take out the domestic travel accident insurance of enough sums in you.
The name ※required
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※An example: 095-828-3125 or 0958283125
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(example) 850-0035 or 8500035

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Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
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