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Marine sports (upper Goto)

I am guided to Nature of the upper Goto leaving the five senses and a soul open

It is the experience-based program in the sea of Goto Islands.

One step steps forward in nature of the rich upper Goto,
I take you to the adventure to be excited about.

I keep careful lecture and guiding in mind by security,
I support the challenge of everybody.

Please entrust the position to nature of the upper Goto.

The five senses are subtilized, and both the heart and the body should be refreshed strangely.

Of the island that spreads in "now, here" without thinking in anything
Do you not spend gentle time?


I take a big board and I row a paddle and advance. It is a marine walk while I look in the bottom of the sea. The style is free, and please find own pleasure

Half day course, about two hours)/entrance fee: 8,000 yen (tax-included)


Do you not look at beautiful island Nami of the upper Goto and the dynamic topography from the sea? I can be filled with deep emotion in invisible scenery, the world of the sound of nature only from the sea.

・Experience-based & tour course (half day course, about two hours)/

 An entrance fee: 8,000 yen (tax-included)


I am equipped with a fin and a mask, life jacket and flock in the wonderful sea of the upper Goto. As I wear life jacket, we do not have to worry to set. We float relaxedly, and let's take a walk through sea level in the pure sea with high transparency.
As Goto Islands is an island floating in the East China Sea, I can see the creature of the sea which there is not of seeing it in other areas.

・Experience-based & tour course (half day course, about 2 hours 30 minutes)/

 An entrance fee: 8,000 yen (tax-included)

You are advantageous, and please spend island time in the accommodation where you redecorated the old folk house into

The accommodation "GOTO ADVENTURE INN" that natural play is possible

Takai trip beach is near in a mall of the Narao Port
Facilities information 
  [dormitory (sharing a room type)]
    One room in two rooms is only for women a Japanese-style room (for 3 persons)
  [Western-style room) of private room (bunk bed]
    One room ※A bunk bed becomes to up to four people in two.
    There is the common use kitchen, too.
    Please give me osodan about pickup and drop-off
The hotel charges

  Japanese-style room dormitory overnight room without meals @ 4,400 yen ... (tax-included)

  Private room      Overnight room without meals @ 5,500 yen ... (tax-included)

  ※The private room becomes the use of two ... To up to four people

  ※In the case of request for breakfast, it is @ 500 yen separately


Goto Adventure Inn

〒853-3101 381-1, Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho, Minamimatsuura-gun, Nagasaki

Telephone 0959-44-1722


Cafe of accommodation 1F
Japanese-style room
Private room
tsukiyoma spy sea curry 
Goto udon of the fried chin soup stock 
Self roast coffee

Coordinator introduction

In spite of being the Saitama breeding born in Saitama, mother is arrival, any cause and effect or major surgery of the cecum peritonitis in upper Goto in the days of a primary schoolchild for Sasebo native place.
The plan of the trip of 2 nights was forced to a 2-week stay at a hospital of Arikawa.
After having acted as the staff in an outdoor education group led by adventurer Yuichiro Miura, after experience of the acting manager in the diving shop, I become independent as a nature guide.
I performed the guide mainly on the program of the sea and the program of the mountain and instruction of the camping and performed the guide in the snowy mountains, instructor of the ski in winter in the summer.
I emigrate to Shinkamigoto-cho with the house of the mother's side of my wife from April, 2019. I open made accommodation "Goto Adventure Inn" of the natural play in Naraogo.
As a special ability except the nature guide, I performed the lecturer about anti-disaster measures from fashiriteta, the chiropractor of the team building program (the company training and sports team, school program), the volunteer experience at the time of the disaster.


Stay type coordinator Masashi Mizumura

※I recommend that I take out the domestic travel accident insurance of enough sums in you.
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