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Wood-splitting fire revitalization experience

Outdoor experience full-scale from wood-splitting to fire revitalization

You do wood-splitting from the log of the tree which grew up in Goto as part of mokuiku, kaiku, and do you not build a fire?

Wood-splitting fire revitalization experience

①Wood-splitting fire revitalization experience  
I do wood-splitting from the log of the tree which grew up in Goto and build a fire.
The weak woman and child of the power swat a tree doing it on firewood with a hammer using a kindling cracker from the top, and the person with the power can do wood-splitting axes an ax safely. It is the activity that is popular among small children!

②BBQ using ingredients of the Goto after the fire revitalization experience
 [period] : All year
 [condition] : Bad weather fire revitalization impossibility
 [place] : Fukue Shimauchi
 [eligible people] : Individual, family, group
 [rate] : ①1,500 yen/one 2-3 hours younger than 3,000 yen/one primary schoolchild
     : ②8,000 yen/one (I include a wood-splitting experience)       4-5 hours
 [thing included in travel expenses] ①(2) * A common "wood-splitting tool, open fire article" includes ② BBQ tool ingredients

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Coordinator introduction

Goto reclamation group

As "there is nothing, I can do anything"  
There is nature which is non-daily life close to the life in the Goto in the city! As I liked the sea, I knew with industry not to be able to separate even if, in fact, the forestry cut it when I wanted to protect the beautiful sea of the Goto and was engaged. It is dull not to know the forestry, and myself did it, but there is few it and sends an experience to have you touch a tree and the forestry to many people while enjoying nature of the Goto‼
It makes a U-turn in Goto-shi and wants various to know the forestry more and yet more that I want to do work to be engaged in a tree and am engaged in forestry in a forestry owners' association and comes to think that I want a tree to come in contact and challenges that it is various with the YOUTUBE channel called "a Goto reclamation group" now‼
"Goto hanammonaka!" It moves into action in the yattemiruo motto that I do not chew (even if anything gets caught) that what is not over the word (there is nothing) for underhand.

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