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Goto Islands
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About Goto
About Goto
It is located to 100km in Saikai of Nagasaki and is constructed by 130 islands in big things and small things. I greatly divide Goto Islands into two and call lower Goto, young Matsushima, medium-grade articles island, that north with upper Goto in Fukue Island, Kuga Island, Naru Island.
It is almost an island blessed with beautiful natural environments appointed in Saikai National Park over the whole area.
In addition, an envoy to the Tang Dynasty, Japanese pirates, the much history such as Christians, a lot of cultural heritage stay, too. About the church in particular, the one of the best and local solemn, neat and clean appearances come into the limelight as one of sightseeing in Goto in Japan where 51 Catholic Church moves into action.
 Church nestling by the sea, beautiful Takahama beach, koshino of the sand bar in the Fukue island take the strong Goto udon, and stand, and, speaking of the thing which is famous for Goto, there are fresh fishery products a lot.
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