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[Web-limited] Goto Islands vertical section aimlessly Goto trip three days [block percent campaign]

[ask] About trip discount after July 15

I make a reservation of the citizen of the prefecture discount (trip campaign of the heart breathing) to staying on July 14 and am accepting it now.
I start product sale to the homepage as soon as the details are decided about the discount after July 15.
I am sorry to cause a customer during consideration trouble, but please wait for trips for a while.
※Even if you inquire it until there is official announcement from a country and the prefecture about discount after 15th
 I cannot answer. I would appreciate your understanding.

#It is trip campaign ... to trip campaign # island trip # Goto of the heart breathing in this way a line

<Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Oita, Saga, Miyazaki, person-limited of Kagoshima!>
The departure date: From May 9, 2022 to July 13 (until July 15 check-out)

I can receive a double privilege of << discount of travel expenses >> and << coupon present >>

[in triple profit 1] Travel expenses give you a discount 21,500 yen (dwarf 18,250 yen)!
○Blue! "Adult 6,500 yen (dwarf 3,250 yen) discount" of one with a Nagasaki Island peddling product
"10,000 yen discount" of one by "a trip campaign of the heart breathing"
○"It is now! Let's go to Goto! "5,000 yen discount" of one by a trip campaign

[in triple profit 2] A how to use color color! A coupon present!
○"Line tsu profit! For state "10,000 yen" alone with a coupon
○For state "4,000 yen" alone with "a local limited coupon"

[in triple profit 3] A local souvenir present of the Goto!
○Federation of Goto sightseeing joint plan ☆ A camellia cat towel +5 island udon present!

The experience-based coupon only in the island comes, too
  1. 100 people-limited plan
  2. ☆Federation of Goto sightseeing joint plan ☆ A camellia cat towel +5 island udon present!
  3. It is Goto Islands vertical section plan of the Goto in lower Goto + 
  4. GOTO TSUBAKI HOTEL is the Fukue Port very front! A thing to be excellent at access, and to like the dinner most suitable for the base of business, the sightseeing in downtown of Fukue
  5. In Hotel hotel food with hot springs a little in Margherita Narao even as for Shimauchi of the March, 2019 opening slowly healing of the fatigue of the trip

  The product which is targeted for Nagasaki Island trip! 
  The travel expenses adult 24,000 yen Japanese yen - 25,000 yen (tax-included) 
  I present the coupon which is usable in a Shimauchi participation shop for 14,000 yen per person (the adult dwarf same amount)  
  ※Line tsu profit! For 4,000 yen of + area limitation coupon one for 10,000 yen of coupon one
  It is with jietofoiru (once) + staying (2 night 2 breakfast, 1 dinner) between round-trip Jetfoil + FukushimaShiningly
  Salt is actually with a structure at an arrow harder station!
※It is house ino-limited discount in the area targeted for block break.
※Please note that it becomes the end of the grant as soon as it reaches the number of sheets for the budget about various coupons and present products.
The camellia cat towel receipt in the Goto-shi tourist association in the Fukue Port terminal
The Goto udon receipt in association of Shinkamigoto-cho sightseeing product of the Narao port


The first day: Nagasaki Port - Jetfoil - Fukue Port = = free time = = whole day free time = = GOTO TSUBAKI HOTEL or perception soft-headed Nao Teru (night) ※With breakfast (dinner OP)
The second day: Hotel = = free-lance time = = Fukue Port - Jetfoil - Narao Port = = free time = = Margherita Narao (night) ※With dinner and breakfast
The third day: Time (you make a reservation directly, and please use the experience made with salt at a ※ arrow harder station) = = Narao port - Jetfoil  - Nagasaki Port free-lance for Hotel = = whole day

which can enjoy Goto freely without being tied up as it is the free plan of Jetfoil charges + hotel charges between round-trip ship fare + Shimauchi 
・The experience made with the salt of the arrow harder station, please make a reservation beforehand.

The overnight eyes stay at "GOTO TSUBAKI HOTEL" or "perception soft-headed Nao Teru"!



Perception soft-headed Nao Teru

Perception gone Nao Teru Japanese-style room
Perception gone Nao Teru large communal bath

Dinner option

In perception soft-headed Nao Teru

Goto cow standard banquet dishes
7,150 yen


Goto Italian
4,950 yen

In a camellia teahouse

Hearth dishes (ripples course)
7,150 yen

Dinner option

A meal venue varies according to dishes.
・Goto cow standard banquet dishes…In "perception soft-headed Nao Teru"
・Ripples course…In "a camellia teahouse" (by car about 20 minutes. With pickup and drop-off)

2 night eyes "Goto Islands resort hotel Margherita Narao"

Entrance with a feeling of opening
Modern restaurant
Superior twin
Hot spring large communal bath of the superb view

With one drink nice at dinner!
Please enjoy luxurious breakfast

Experience made with the salt at "an arrow harder station"

Experience made with salt
※Please make a reservation beforehand on the date and time you like

Please confirm the service schedule from this

Jetfoil "pegasasu"
Jetfoil "Pegasus 2"

Travel expenses (JF+2 night 2 breakfast 1 dinner between round-trip JF fare + Shimauchi)

①Travel expenses before discount
②Blue! Island trip discount
③Heart breathing discount
④The Goto-shi furtherance
After the discount travel expenses (① - ② - ③ - ④)
B schedule
46,500 yen
6,500 yen
10,000 yen
5,000 yen
25,000 yen
36,250 yen
3,250 yen
18,000 yen
C schedule
45,500 yen
6,500 yen
10,000 yen
5,000 yen
24,000 yen
35,250 yen
3,250 yen
17,000 yen
June, 2022
July, 2022
A rate varies according to schedules.
Please confirm which schedule the date you like applies to it in with a common calendar.
(pink: in B schedule green: in C schedule)
※This product catches the discount of 6,500 yen by the regional sightseeing support project of the country.
※This product catches the furtherance by the specific manned border remote island community maintenance promotion grant of the country.
[adult (coming and going) 6,500 yen dwarf (coming and going) 3,250 yen]

Please confirm it by all means

[thing having you show it toward the application]
Have been inoculated three times of vaccine; certificate *1 or negative certificate *2
*1 is effective in an image or the copy which have been inoculated, and filmed proof
*(examinations of polymerase chain reaction test or antigen qualitative analysis) such as the result notifications which 2 medical institutions or examination of hygiene place issued is necessary
※The inspection confirmation becomes needless with the proviso that a person of custody of the degree of kinship that people under 12 live together goes together

I ask in either following about the presentation method
①Before departure by an email, FAX, mail
②I show it to tourist bureau after a visit to an office directly
※Before the departure when cannot show it, please consult separately
Laboratory procedure
Expiration date of the negative certificate (test result notification)
Polymerase chain reaction tests
Collection day +3 day
(example) is effective until ⇒ March 23 on March 20 on a specimen collection day
Examination of antigen qualitative analysis
Inspection day +1 day
(example) is effective until inspection ⇒ March 21 on March 20
It is included in travel expenses
○Round-trip Jetfoil or high-speed ship ship fare
○The hotel charges (with half board)
○Consumption tax
The departure date
From October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
Deadline for application
Until five days before the departure date
Reception desk
It is more receivable than two people group
1 dinner 1 breakfast
Kyushu Syosen tourist bureau 095-823-0423
It is included in travel expenses
○Round-trip Jetfoil ship fare
○jattofoiru ship fare (Fukue → Narao) between Shimauchi
○The hotel charges (TSUBAKI HOTEL or perception soft-headed Nao Teru: in a night with breakfast, Margherita Narao: in a night with dinner and breakfast)
* Island trip experience charges (experience at an arrow harder station made with salt)
○Consumption tax
※It is an amount of money after applying a grant.
The departure date
From May 9, 2022 to July 13 (to July 15 check-out)
※After 5/10 regional sightseeing business support furtherance of Goto-shi becomes the application
Deadline for application
Until five days before the departure date
Reception desk
From two people
Room type
A double room or twin room
※As for the use of triple room, an up rate may incur.
 Please refer.
TSUBAKI HOTEL or perception soft-headed Nao Teru: Per night with breakfast (possible dinner with an option more) 
Margherita Narao: With overnight dinner and breakfast 
Kyushu Syosen tourist bureau 095-823-0423

Hotel information

Perception soft-headed Nao Teru

〒853-0015 1-1-1, Higashihamamachi, Goto-shi
0959-72-5510 (Goto car synthesis reservation center)
・From Fukue Port a 5-minute walk
・Entirely non-smoking


〒853-0001 1-57, Sakaemachi, Goto-shi 
0959-72-5510 (Goto car synthesis reservation center)
・From Fukue Port a 5-minute walk
・Entirely non-smoking

Margherita Narao

〒853-3101 712-3, Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho, Minamimatsuura-gun
・Is a car by car than/Arikawa Port than Narao Port for about five minutes; about 60 minutes
・Entirely non-smoking
The job offer information placing in the Mynavi change of job is this
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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