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[in Sasebo ... a Goto route] About a Navigation Schedule change after December, 2023
All the customers

 Thank you very much for usually using our route.

 About high speed ship "bigguasu 2" going into service in Sasebo ... in the Goto route, I received a request from Shinkamigoto-cho and we did a chartered ship from December, 2018 and navigated it, but decided to do hensen with the period of the chartered ship contract being finished in the end of November, this year to Shinkamigoto-cho now.
 Therefore, as I would change a Navigation Schedule of the Goto route and use ship according to the attached file in Sasebo ... with hensen from December 1, 2023, I will tell you.

 I am very sorry and I'm very sorry, but, about will change Navigation Schedule in succession in Ojika, the Ugu level ground ward, and inviting confusion, it being Navigation Schedule to cause part inconvenience again, would appreciate your understanding after consideration on circumstances.

※The reservation of the high-speed surface mail after December when I canceled acceptance will reopen from October 16.

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