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Goto Islands world heritage tour

Important news

Only in a customer resident in Nagasaki, I restart the sale of the world heritage tour. (close for 6/1 departure)
※As start time may vary according to the courses, please confirm the details of each course.
About the customer of the outside the prefecture, I am going to start sale for departure more on Friday, June 19.
 As the details are undecided, I will tell you some other time as soon as I am selected.
 I hope that you have to wait for a while now.
<application condition>
* It is limited toward all the participants, Nagasaki residence including companion.
 ※The presentation of the identification card may be demanded at the local use or the accommodations.
* I limit it to the homecoming more than Nagasaki prefectural borders and the one that is not traveling within two weeks of the departure date.
* I limit it to the symptom which there was not such as tiredness, a cold of heat, the body within two weeks of the departure date.
Please cooperate with your understanding.
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