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Fukue Island 2 days and 1 night (belonging to second day sightseeing) visiting "village of the Kuga Island and the Egami village of the Naru Island"

I will cancel acceptance for the time being.

As infection of the new coronavirus spreads in Nagasaki, and prefecture's original emergency declaration is announced,
I will cancel acceptance for the time being.

If resumption time is fixed, I will tell you in HP.
I'm sorry, but I would appreciate your understanding.

Fukue Island 2 days and 1 night (belonging to the second day sightseeing) visiting "Village of the Kuga Island and Egami village of the Naru Island" (from April 1, 2021) ※I cancel a tour for the time being

  1. The constitution inheritance of Nagasaki and the hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district visits "Village of the Kuga Island and the Egami communities".
  2. The limited & application departing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday is from two people 
  3. I move with a round-trip Jetfoil easily.
  4. I am working under the guide of the local guide of the relief!
  5. There is the furtherance of (dwarf 2,500 yen) of 5000 yen per person by the specific manned border remote island community maintenance promotion grant of the country and becomes advantageous. ※8/6-9/10 stop
  6. The gift certificate which is usable during a trip in a member shop of Shimauchi presents "the currency which an island unties" for 3,000 yen per person!
    The departure is more advantageous for from July 1 to August 31! I add 5,000 yen to a normal amount of money and present it for 8,000 yen per person! ※8/6-9/10 stop
  7. The optional tour to go around Fukue Island including "Osezaki-dangai, a lighthouse" prepares.

Trip (the first day)

※Time more favorite than the following diamond can choose the surface mail of the going.
The Nagasaki Port Fukue Port-free time Goto city (night)

One lap of rotation quick in optional tour Fukue Island periodical sightseeing bus

... morning course ...
Fukue Port (9:20 dep.)// bus = = = Imochiura Church, Lourdes (10:15/10:30) // = = = Osezaki Lighthouse, cliff (10:40/10:55) // = = = Takahama beach (11:45/12:00) // = = = Mizunoura Church (the car window) = = = Fukue Port (12:50 arr.) 
... afternoon course ...
Mt. Fukue Port (13:50 dep.)// bus = = = Dozaki Lord of Heaven temple (14:10/14:40)// bus = = = samurai residence street (the car window) = = = stirrup shallows lava shore (15:20/15:35) // = = = ogre (the car window) = = = [Fukue Port] (15:55 arr.) = = = [perception soft-headed Nao Teru] (16:00 arr.) = = = [konkana kingdom] (16:25 arr.)
... option rate ...
・Only in the course, it is adult 3,600 yen dwarf 1,800 yen in the morning
・Only in the course, it is adult 2,600 yen dwarf 1,300 yen in the afternoon
・Morning + afternoon (both) adult 5,600 yen dwarf 2,800 yen
※Dozaki Lord of Heaven temple entering a building charges 300 yen in the course is on-site payment in the afternoon  

[the use hotel]
Perception gone Nao Teru, Goto konkana kingdom, TSUBAKI HOTEL, SERENDIP HOTEL, Hotel jo*ka, Tomihisa shop inn, Toyama-so, konnehoteru chateau in Fukue, BH island, BH cherry tree

Trip (the second day)

Hotel// each person movement……Fukue Port (9:10 dep.)//  in front of Fukue Port terminal 1F Goto-shi tourist association stand (8:50 meeting)
urako// taxi = = = Hamawaki Church// taxi = = = Rouyanosaka Church// taxi = = = of the field
Olympics parking lot// foot …… Former Gorin Church 
 // Marine taxi Naru Port// foot …… Naru (lunch) // = = = Egami church// taxi = = =
Naru Port (14:20 dep.) // Fukue Port (14:50 arr.) free-lance time Fukue Port (16:30 dep.) // Nagasaki Port (18:20 arr.)


Trip of the trip

The Nagasaki -5 island interval is moved with a Jetfoil easily

Please prefer the for flight to the following.

On a trip to remember for relief because there is the guidance of the local guide

Yellow pretty Kiguchi leaves iza by steam!
It becomes the deeply impressive trip by explanation of a local guide.

To Hamawaki Church, Rouyanosaka Church

I go to Hamawaki Church, the old Gorin Church by a red line route!
It is the first concrete Hamawaki Church in Goto.
A believer rowed a ship and seemed to go out in mass to the next Fukue Island until this church was done.
Approximately 200 Christians are accommodated by the prison of 6 only tsubos and are the ground where 43 people including the young child lost their life.
Everybody seemed to accept death according to teaching purely without resisting it.
There is a wild pheasant everywhere.
Wariness does not readily strongly take a photograph well.

The distance to old Gorin Church

As I cannot go by car to old Gorin Church directly, I walk the mountain path and go.
A stick is set up!
The way is paved with concrete and a stone, but there are sometimes many fallen leaves.

Solitary island old Gorin Church in the solitary island


Please have fresh seafood by how to eat hometowns!

The photograph is an image.

Masterpiece "Egami church" of master craftsman, Yosuke Tetsukawa of the church architecture

It is the mysterious scene with the church of the color that is cute alone in a forest.
Grain of wood is written on the pillar in the temple by handwriting from the bottom to a ceiling, and there is a deeply impressive thing you spend time carefully, and how long you made it.

Souvenir in the Fukue Port terminal

It is kamaboko, Kankoromochi, a cake, the abundant selection of special products including the ogre mackerel sushi.
It is the ogre mackerel sushi which it is thick and used the mackerel from Goto which it is shallow and closed for luxuriously.
I warm it, and there is the ogre mackerel sushi, too.
I slice a sweet potato and boil it and am a noted product, Kankoromochi of Goto whom I dry it and trained to be a rice cake.

Goto Islands first-rate superb view goes around the Fukue Island including "Osezaki cliff, a lighthouse" by the optional tour.

○Tourist attraction
  ①Imochiura Church, Lourdes
  ②Osezaki cliff, lighthouse
  ③Takahama beach
  ④urakyokai of the water
It is the scenery that the cliff that is a superb view and the horizon of the very large East China Sea are overwhelmed.
A sandy beach and the sea of the transparency which ask it, and are broken are superb views Japan's most.

Manner at the time of the visit to church

  • You take your hat off in the church and avoid the clothes which extremely exposed skin to light, and please be quiet.
  • Eating and drinking, smoking cessation, temperance are strict prohibition. In addition, please never touch the thing in the church.
  • As the fence, the inner sanctum (altar) are particularly holy places, please never enter.
  • Photography in the church is prohibition.
  • When you are back, you turn off the lights, and please close a door.
  • I may decline the visit in the church at the time of mass, the ceremonial occasion.
  • A toilet of the church is a thing for a believer. Please use the restroom except the church as much as possible.

Travel expenses

It is included in travel expenses

○Round-trip Jetfoil charges

○The hotel charges (per night with breakfast)

○Second day lunch charges

○Kuga Island Shimauchi taxi fare

○Naru Island Shimauchi taxi or bus fare

○Ship fare (ura of the Fukue - field, Olympics - Naru, Naru - Fukue)

○The second day guide charges

○Church donation

The departure date
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of from April 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021
(a setting exclusion day: 4/15, 5/12-5/14, 6/3, 6/23, 8/10-8/20)
※I cancel a tour for the time being
Deadline for application
Until five business days before the departure date
The application number of people
Two ...
Is per night with breakfast, lunch (the second day)
As for the sareru case necessary for a child less than primary schoolchild in each means of transportation, staying in futon, a meal, a seat, it is a dwarf rate.
The sarenai case necessary in futon, a meal, a seat becomes free.
The course going to the Kuga, Naru Island of the second day uses "the Christian story" of the Goto-shi tourist association.
※Because there are a ship and the getting on and off between the land and a section on foot, the participation of the bad legs is not expected.
※A trip includes a mountain path walk section of about 500m. Please participate with mobile clothes, shoes.
Kyushu Syosen tourist bureau 095-823-0423

※Please confirm it by all means※

List of charges

※By the specific manned border remote island community maintenance promotion grant of the country, I received a grant of adult 5,000 yen (dwarf 2,500 yen) only in of the citizen of the prefecture, but am called off for prevention of new corona infection spread at one time during a period of 8/10-9/10.
Please note that it becomes the adult 5,000 yen (dwarf 2,500 yen) up than the following travel expenses for the time being.
Jetfoil "pegasasu 2"
High speed ship "sea princess"
The accommodations
Perception soft-headed Nao Teru
28,000 yen
24,500 yen
○Use of room for 3 people @ 1,000 yen improves, and one room for 2 people use @ 3,000 yen becomes improving.
○A schedule: 3,000 yen UP B schedule: 2,000 yen UP C schedule: 1,000 yen improves
※Please confirm it with the following calendar about the schedule.
Goto konkana kingdom
28,000 yen
22,500 yen
○@ 6,050 yen becomes improving for the multi-visitor period. [the multi-visitor period] 4/29-5/4, 8/8-8/15
○Single use @ 6,050 yen becomes improving.
○Please pay bath tax @ 150 yen in the field.
(use of ※ double room for 2 people)
27,500 yen
23,000 yen
○Use of single room for 1 person @ 1,000 yen improves, and use of twin room for 2 people @ 3,000 yen improves
○Use of triple room for 3 people @ 2,000 yen becomes improving.
○A schedule: 5,500 yen UP B schedule: 3,000 yen UP C schedule: 1,500 yen improves
※Please confirm the following calendar about the schedule.
Hotel jo*ka
27,000 yen
※There is an option
21,500 yen
○Dinner option
 ①Goto beach banquet dishes :Adult @ 2,500 yen dwarf @ 1,500 yen improves
 ②Goto sound of the sea breaking on the shore banquet dishes: Adult @ 4,000 yen dwarf @ 3,500 yen improves
Tomihisa shop inn
22,500 yen
19,000 yen
○@ 1,000 yen becomes improving for the multi-visitor period. [the multi-visitor period] 7/8-8/9
○A dinner option: Adult @ 2,500 yen dwarf @ 1,500 yen improves
* 8/12-8/16 is a setting exclusion day
(use of ※ economy double room for 2 people)
25,000 yen
17,500 yen
○Use of economy single Quinn @ 1,000 yen improves.
○Twin use @ 2,000 yen improves. Use of corner twin @ 3,000 yen improves
※A setting exclusion day: 4/29, 5/1-5/4, 6/10-6/14, 8/28
Budget hotel cherry tree
26,000 yen
26,500 yen
Budget hotel 
25,000 yen
20,500 yen
(in the case of ※ single twin, Japanese-style room (room for 2 people))
26,500 yen
22,500 yen
○As for the change to a Japanese-style room (room for 3 people), a double, 1,000 yen falls,
 A change to a Japanese-style room (room for 4 people) is 2,000 yen down
* 7/22-7/23, 8/1-8/27 (8/7-8/9 is excluded), 9/19 are 2,000 yen up on Saturday
* 4/29-5/4, 8/7-8/9, 8/21 are 4,000 yen up
Optional tour
Fukue Island commuter pass sightseeing bus
[the morning course] 3,600 yen
[the afternoon course] 2,600 yen
[daily course] 5,600 yen (the morning + afternoon)
[the morning course] 1,800 yen
[the afternoon course] 1,300 yen
[daily course] 2,800 yen (the morning + afternoon)
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