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Aimlessly to the Naru Island

Do you not enjoy "the open island" that the person of the island says?

The middle of Goto Islands, the Clover of four leavesNaru Island quiet leisurely,
A feeling to come aimlessly when I thought is just rightShiningly
To enjoy "the open islandThe sun" that the person of the island says, the plan of the trip there there,
It is good to take a walk through rent-a-car and rent-a-bicycle depuratto.
If though it is shy, I touch Two heartislanders loving to talk,
A family seemed to be able to somewhat do it in the island; feel Is colorful; shininglymysteriousThe face which enlarged the entrance, and smiled

I make a round trip of Naru Island, puratto aimlessly

At first I introduce an island to the Naru Island in the middle of Goto Islands in Naru Island petit lecture after the arrival.                                         After a lecture, please meet it with the family "vacation rental" of the island that is accommodations.                                                 Please spend the later thing freely with the island time going by.

・A period: Whole year duration of stay: 2 days and 1 night ... (vacation rental in the private house of Naru) ※I actually stay in the house where islanders live in.                                  ・Target person ①: More than a fourth grader (only in the case of a protector companion, less than third grader receive it)                                                                                                                    
・Target person ➁: With the will to enjoy the interchange with the vacation rental home, and to have a domestic maid (actually)                                              ・The staff: In one private house 2 to 6 persons (the number of people when it is a lot, is several private houses                                                    ・It is adult 8,800 yen/primary, middle and high schools 7,700 yen/preschool child 6,600 yen per one a rate in a night                                              It is adult 7,700 yen/primary, middle and high schools 6,600 yen/preschool child 5,500 yen after 2 night eyes                                      

Thing vacation rental experience charges included in the rate (with dinner and breakfast), experience-based premium, Naru Island petit lecture @ dash (belonging to 1 drink)

The making of earthenware original by a hole kiln

People knowing that there is a big big hole kiln in the small small Naru Island are very few.                                  [Kuroshio Current kiln (kuroshiogama)] All of meetings of the ceramic art followed this carefully.                       

I put fire in the hole kiln a few times a year and bake the work which I make it little by little and saved every day.                                     This last firing, field firing of the kiln last to 24 hours. While working as a fire watchman by turns,                                   The work baked through a consecutive party is special earthenware clogged up of various memories at night.                                         

I make a work with this plan with all of meetings of such a ceramic art.                                                 ※I bake it and it is just and takes time.                                                        As the product is not usable immediately, it is irritating,                                                 It is the important spice that earthenware becomes special at time to wait for completion.                                                   

・A period: The whole year time required: Around three hours                                                     ・A place: 937-1, Narumachifunamawari, Goto-shi (kyusenkaishogakuko ground                                                         ・A target person more than a fifth grader (only in the case of a protector companion, less than fourth grader receive it):                                                                                                                    
・The staff: One -, rate: Of 5000 yen per person (as for the materials for 2-3 pieces of bread plates degree)                                                                                   

The thing included in the rate: Ceramic art experience charges, ceramic art petit lecture @ dash (1 drink                                                                       ・Schedule guidance (only as for the applicant) of hole kiln field firing & work takeoff of the work

Coordinator introduction

"Island gurashi, "there seems to be nothing!"

I run an interchange cafe called "rush" (X communication) in Naru Island. "There should be nothing in the island", and the islanders say, but feel charm in "anything" which the communication of a person and the person write it, and is put together with it, and is born while there is nothing.
Through the communication with islanders, "something" unexpected is born, and is new; can discover it, and a change is angry at oneself little by little. I want to suggest such a plan!
I turned to the middle of Goto Islands, the Naru Island (Goto-shi) from Kansai in 2013.
"I come to the open place to do what and am sometimes still said to be takka" from the person of the island. I think, "there will not be what when there is nothing" each time.
There is the thing that people of the island where the birds that the rich trees that the transparent sea shakes for wind call loudly laugh brightly are wonderful a lot here.
But it is reality that after all only it cannot live. If get without the work that people decrease by sick; a serious affair. I surely realize island gurashioshite, the importance.
Still after all the island is wonderful, and people living here are interesting. I want to convey the charm of the island that I cannot readily find, the pleasure of "there being nothing" to even a little only by rotating by sightseeing.

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