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Bait spear experience of the Wakamatsu Seto yellowtail

In fact, cultured fish of the Goto which is shipped to Tokyo and Osaka

Known as the Rias coast that is the The crownmost beautiful in Shinkamigoto-cho consisting of plural islands [Wakamatsu Seto]Shiningly
It is famous among the anglers of the whole country by being able to catch the saltwater fish of the big game, but is known as a big production center of the sea surface culture.
Local fishery cultivates a yellowtail and a bluefin tuna, Seriola aureovittataSweat and ships it to a big city and the foreign countries of Tokyo.

Bait spear visit Cruise of the Wakamatsu Seto yellowtail

Innumerable cultured rafts float in Wakamatsu Seto. In the case of a yellowtail, about 4,000 of themSweat are in one raft.                                 I approach a raft by small Cruise ship and Shininglycan observe the bait spear of the yellowtail close. Sea level becomes lively when I put bait from a fishing boat and can witness the scene Exclamation mark (explosion)of the force perfect score that a yellowtail preys on bait.

・A period: All year (there is no it on a regular holiday) ※It requires reservation by the day before

・A meeting place: Meeting local at the Wakamatsu Port terminal, local dissolution

・Time: ①② around 14:00 departure (time required 60 minutes) starting at around 9:00

・A rate: The capacity number of people of 2500 yen per person (I accept it more than two principles): Two people - ten people                                                                                                                                                                                           

A reference: Wakamatsu Seto cruising "leading an idle life building" (Wakamatsu terminal)                                                             ☎090-8661-0484                                          

Yoshihiko Taira (Taira Yoshihiko)

The charm of Goto Islands is a person.

"It is fun it is delicious is beautiful, but I am active as a public information consultant in a motto in I change the heart of the person" in the whole country. I lived in Shinkamigoto-cho for three years in total from April, 2016 to March, 19. Islands of Goto Islands including the town face the East China Sea reaching in Asia, and delicious fishery products, the history of the envoy to the Tang Dynasty ship, a venerable Shinto shrine Buddhist temple, the history of the Christian coming into the limelight by world's cultural heritage registration and the fishing at sea of church group and the big game aim are famous. In late years the foreign tourists of the immigrant from the urban area increase smoothly, too.
It is Goto Islands where is full of charm, but I answer it with "the people who continue living in an island", and the people of the island have the wisdom of the living if asked "what is the biggest charm?" and live literally while doing Kyowa with local people. I support "the interchange of the heart" with people and the tourist of the spiritually rich island. In the particularly personal trip, it is a serious matter that gets material "out of local key person in local" season. Please feel free to contact charm of Goto Islands and a delicious shop, a history inheritance, an experience-based sightseeing tour.  


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