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Is a car in "ferry namiji"; to the customer of the wheelchair of the embarkation (ask)
All the customers
Thank you very much for always using Kyushu Syosen.
About "ferry namiji going into service in Sasebo - Arikawa ("prays", and goes into service in Sasebo - Ojika, Ugu Hirama in the dock)," an elevator is not set up in a ship mainly.
Therefore, you have you get on the customer of the wheelchair of the embarkation with the fellow passenger who is available for the driving of the car by car, and please note that you ask for prior notification.
In addition, I hope that you use this as the "camellia" of the Nagasaki - Goto route "myriad green leaves" install an elevator, and even the wheelchair of the embarkation can get without a fellow passenger by car.
Kyushu Syosen
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