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About an order about the ensuring safety of the transportation

 Thank you very much for always using Kyushu Syosen.

 We received "an order about the ensuring safety of the transportation" this time from the Kyushu Department of Transportation.
 It confirms a crack to the bow strut (the bow prop) in Jetfoil "pegasasu" going into service in the Nagasaki - Goto route from April 17, 2023, and, also, the thing that it continued by navigation until July 21, the same year without having an examination by inspection temporarily though I repaired it for the twice, it is the reason that the safety management system was not run appropriately while a navigation management worker grasps the fact concerned.

 We consider that the security is given top priority to as public transport and intended to usually mind it, but it depends on having judged that I think about the crack that occurred about the matter that received indication from the authorities this time with a minimum easily, and security is found internally and I will cause a nuisance, worry and sincerely apologize for.

 I constructed a spare and the exchange construction that Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. owned the bow strut after dock dockage and, after the indication, returned to periodical navigation. I repair it appropriately in Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. and put it back in inspection dockage of February, 2024 and, about the strut which I removed, am navigating it now afterwards.

 As is sincere, and, about the future, take the indication of this authorities, and take improvement measures so that there will not be such a thing in future, and will be thorough by safety education to an on-site employee again, thank you for your cooperation.

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