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In Sasebo ... about the Navigation Schedule change of the Goto route (Ojika, Ugu level ground ward)
All the customers
 Thank you very much for usually using our route.

 As for the high-speed ship "sea queen" of the Goto route, "I pray" is the Ojika home port a ferry the Ugu flat home port, but I decide that I change each home port every five years in Sasebo-shi, Ojika-cho, us, and it is in Sasebo ... now at the first change time October 1, 2023 to come.
 Therefore, as and "the sea queen" of the Goto route "prays" in Sasebo ... and would change no Navigation Schedule according to the attached file from October 1, 2023, I will tell you.
※There is not the change of the schedule about "bigguasu 2" and "ferry namiji".

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