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Compare by eating three world heritages and Christian cave high quality ingredients; 2 days and 1 night (on Saturday starting limitation)

Recommendation! Compare by eating three world heritages and Kirishitan Cave high quality ingredients; 2 days and 1 night (on Saturday starting limitation) (from April 1, 2020)

  1. I visit the constitution inheritance "village of the head ka island" "Egami village of the Naru island" of Nagasaki and the hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district "village of the Kuga island" in 2 days and 1 night.
  2. I can apply from two people.
  3. The dinner is preparation by the meal offering the delicious place of Goto including nigiri-zushi and "Goto cow" "I cook Goto hell udon" of "the abalone" "the body of the tail" and "fatty tuna" of the bluefin tuna said to be the Otoro of the whale in popular "cooking fan Kotobuki" (Senju)!
  4. I am working under the guide of the local guide of the relief!
  5. There is the furtherance of (dwarf 1,500 yen) of 3000 yen per person by the specific manned border remote island community maintenance promotion grant of the country and is becoming very advantageous now.
  6. I present "the island advantageous currency" which a meal, a souvenir can use for 2,000 yen per person!
  7. A brick, the optional tour that can observe the church where is wooden made prepares.

Trip (the first day)

Nagasaki Port (at 7:40) Jetfoil Fukue Port (arrival at 9:05) (free lunch)
A village of the Fukue Port (at 13:00) sea taxi Kuga Island: Old Gorin Church  Egami village of the marine taxi Naru Island: Egami Church taxi Christian cave taxi Wakamatsu Port taxi = = = blue one bus center taxi = = = Arikawa district: Village (arrival at 17:00) of the Goto udon
Staying (beach hotel ura / hotel Malin peer)
※[dinner] I appreciate grip and the Goto cow of the Otoro "body of the tail" bluefin tuna "fatty tuna" of the pilot whale "abalone" in cooking fan Kotobuki
※[use hotel] It is five minutes by a pick-up bus from 3-minute walk, hotel Malin peer from hotel ura to fan Kotobuki

Trip (the second day)

To the village of the 9:20 Goto udon a village (at 9:40) of the meeting (from the Arikawa Port a 3-minute walk) Goto udon  urakyokaishuhensansaku of taxi = = = old sea bream  It is Goto Airport in taxi = = =  Village of taxi = = = head ka island  In taxi = = = a village (arrival at 12:50) of the Goto Airport taxi = = = Goto udon (free lunch)

[optional tour]

Village (at 13:30) of the Goto udon  Village (arrival at 15:35) of taxi = = = blue sand ka urakyokai = = = cold water church taxi = = = daihikyokai taxi = = = Goto udon

※Time more favorite than the following diamond can choose the surface mail of the return.
Shuttle bus = = = Narao Port Jetfoil Nagasaki Port for exclusive use of the Arikawa Port
(or Arikawa Port Highway ship Nagasaki Port)
※The free shuttle bus for exclusive use of the Jetfoil runs from the Arikawa Port to the Narao Port. I can enjoy scenery of upper Goto than the car window.

Surface mail

The surface mail is available from a Jetfoil, high speed ship.
Jetfoil "pegasasu 2"
High speed ship "sea princess"

Please prefer the flight home to the following.

Narao Port dep.
Nagasaki Port arr.
17:05 dep.
18:20 arr.
Flight via daily life navigation, Fukue
High speed ship
Arikawa Port dep.
Nagasaki Port arr.
14:20 dep.
16:03 arr.
16:40 dep.
18:23 arr.
Dock period suspension
(5/11-5/14, 6/9-6/30, 9/24-9/30)

I compare by eating high-quality ingredients

The dinner prepares in popular shop "cooking fan Kotobuki" (Senju) in a hometown!

"The body of the tail" said to be the Otoro of the whale bluefin tuna "fatty tuna" nigiri-zushi and the Goto cow of "the abalone", the sashimi of the whale
Please appreciate high-quality ingredients of Goto Islands!
The Otoro "body of the tail" of the whale not to be able to readily see at the high-quality restaurant either!
It is a gem letting I am said to be the most delicious with meat at the root of the tail, and a gourmet growl.
To the people in the know the beef "Goto cow" of the highest grade.
You are thick and cut the beef of the highest grade luxuriously and bake it, and please go up sho.
The Goto product bluefin tuna that the quality of the water was brought up in Seto of beautiful Wakamatsu among Goto!
Of the black tuna melty in a mouth grasp it, and is exquisite!
Closing it cooks hell of the rising Goto udon with the Japan's three biggest udon!
Please compare by eating by chin soup stock and egg soup stock.
Because you coat it with camellia oil made specially in a hometown, you are smoothened, and please appreciate chewy udon!

Trip of the trip

Because I use a marine taxi, I am guided over Fukue Island, Kuga Island, Naru Island, upper Goto in 2 days and 1 night to three world heritages!

Village of the Kuga Island old Gorin Church

The former Gorin Church which nestles quietly by the sea which cannot yet go by car directly

Egami village of the Naru Island Egami church

It is the mysterious scene with the church of the color that is cute alone in a forest.
Grain of wood is written on the pillar in the temple by handwriting from the bottom to a ceiling, and there is a deeply impressive thing you spend time carefully, and how long you made it.

Head ka island village head ka island church of the upper Goto

It is a stone church, but it was the work that is how serious on seeing one size in the Meiji era each, or a chest becomes hot.
I can see the scene which believers make with a handicraft.
The Chinese numerals such as "495" are carved everywhere.
I am said to express the size of the stone.
I can see the scene which believers make with a handicraft.
The head ka island church information staff is resident.
You can explain it in various ways if you ask a question.

I lead you to the Christian cave which I can see only by reservations ship

I hid in the cave of the steep cliff to avoid persecution, and to be able to go only by ship, but it is said that I can find the smoke of the open fire in a ship and received arrest, torture.
Cross and Christ image of 3m are established at the entrance.
I can feel the history that the believer who received persecution evaded at the time.
As a local guide is with it with the first and the second day, it becomes the memorable trip for relief.
As it is use of marine taxi, on the first day, I can see the sights efficiently!

I go round a brick church and the cold water churches of the first issue which Yosuke Tetsukawa made by the optional tour on the second day.

Important cultural property blue sand ka urakyokai of the country
The cold water church which Yosuke Tetsukawa dealt with for the first time

I take the souvenir at "a village of the udon"

The straight une Sae goaf of the whale of the special product and many kinds of salt, Goto udon, marine products are substantial in the stand.
Village HP of the udon

Manner at the time of the visit to church

  • You take your hat off in the church and avoid the clothes which extremely exposed skin to light, and please be quiet.
  • Eating and drinking, smoking cessation, temperance are strict prohibition. In addition, please never touch the thing in the church.
  • As the fence, the inner sanctum (altar) are particularly holy places, please never enter.
  • Photography in the church is prohibition.
  • When you are back, you turn off the lights, and please close a door.
  • I may decline the visit in the church at the time of mass, the ceremonial occasion.
  • A toilet of the church is a thing for a believer. Please use the restroom except the church as much as possible.

The accommodations

Beach hotel ura

In a 3-minute walk from Arikawa Port, there is it in a certain convenient place in front of the village of the Goto udon.
[room type] Japanese-style room (two - four capacity), twin

Hotel Malin peer

It is five minutes by car from the Arikawa Port. It is a business type, but the dishes are hotels of the reputation, too.
[room type] Single Western-style room, twin Western-style room, Japanese-style room (three - five capacity)

Travel expenses

It is available in a souvenir shop and the restaurant joining of the island
An island currency present to untie of 2000 yen per person!
 Example) four family is *4 2,000 yen…For 8,000 yen
 The reading of a cell-phone or the smartphone is necessary for note) use.
The accommodations
Travel expenses
Beach hotel ura
・Hotel Malin peer
33,800 yen
28,800 yen
Optional tour
6,980 yen
5,980 yen
It is included in travel expenses
○Ship fare
○The hotel charges (per night with breakfast)
○Dinner (once)
○Taxi fare marine on the first day
○The first day transportation expenses
○The second day transportation expenses
○Guide charges (the first day, the second day)
○Church donation
The departure date
Saturday of from April 1, 2020 to September 28, 2020
(a setting exclusion day: on May 23 for from August 10 to August 20 on August 22)
Deadline for application
Until five days before the departure date
The operation number of people
Two ...
When futon, a meal, a seat is needed in each means of transportation, staying in children less than primary schoolchild, it is a dwarf rate.
The sarenai case necessary in futon, a meal, a seat becomes free.
The sightseeing course of the second day uses "the Christian story" of the Shinkamigoto-cho tourist association.

The application from this

※Email form is in preparation.....
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