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Upper Goto resort hotel plan (from April, 2022 to September)

List of charges

The basic price
(the hotel charges with two meals of round-trip ferry fare +1 nights)
※Hit one-way to a Jetfoil or Highway ship in the case of a change
[adult] +3,000 yen up [dwarf] +1,500 yen up
The additional (extension of stay) price
Superior (use of two)
Deluxe (use of three)
30,200 yen/
22,000 yen/
28,200 yen/
Deluxe (use of two)
33,500 yen/
25,300 yen/
31,500 yen/
Suite (use of two)
46,700 yen/
38,500 yen/
44,200 yen/

※Up rate (added to the rate mentioned above)
Up rate
①Day before holiday (the day before of Sundays and holidays)Up of 3300 yen per person
②4/27-4/30Up of 6600 yen per person
③5/1-5/5.8/7-8/15Up of 8800 yen per person
④7/16 - 8/6.8/16-8/31Up of 3300 yen per person④In the case of staying, more 3,300 yen improves of this in a day before holiday of a period
Single useUp of 5500 yen per person
Infant facilities fee3300 yen per personIt is the fee that the child of 0 years old ... non-school children costs
Suite (at the time of use of three)Minus of 3300 yen per person

The job offer information placing in the Mynavi change of job is this
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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