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"A village of the Nozaki Island" to take a day trip to (one set-limited plan a day)

"A village of the Nozaki Island" to take a day trip to (one set-limited plan a day) (from April 1, 2020)

  1. I can fully observe "the village of the Nozaki Island" of constitution inheritance Ojika of Nagasaki and the hiding Christian connection inheritance of the Amakusa district in a day.
  2. I can apply in two people - four people.
  3. Because you go by the chartered ship only for customers, you can fully observe the Nozaki Island who is hard to go in the individuals.
  4. I am working under the guide of the local guide of the relief!
  5. I present "the island advantageous currency" which a meal, a souvenir can use for 500 yen per person!


Nagasaki Port (at 7:55) speed ship Arikawa Port (arrival at 9:38) free of charge pickup and drop-off = = = namako
[by reservations ship to the Nozaki Island]
Walk more plentiful in a namako (10:40 start on a voyage) ship at the "village of a cold water church, Sone church, kotaikyokai, relation intellect church, the ship forest" visit Nozaki Port (arrival at 11:30) "village of the Nozaki island"  
※Please have a lunch while enjoying scenery around Nokubi church.
※Nozaki Shimauchi becomes the movement on foot.
Nozaki Port (at about 14:00) reservations ship namako (arrival at about 14:30) free of charge pickup and drop-off = = = arrow harder station (shopping) free of charge pickup and drop-off = = = Arikawa Port (at 16:40) high speed ship Nagasaki Port (arrival at 18:23)


  • As the Nozaki Island has the movement such as mountain paths on foot, please participate with mobile clothes and shoes.
  • When rainy weather is expected, please prepare a raincoat.

Trip of the trip

The coming and going move by high speed ship easily!

On a trip to remember for relief because there is the guidance of the local guide

Sunset Queen
By the guidance of the guide, I can learn history more deeply.
Shingo Kawaguchi of the captain who is full of service mind

I take a walk through a cathedral and the village trace in the uninhabited island

The Nokubi Lord of Heaven temple which Yosuke Tetsukawa was built of brick and dealt with for the first time
A lot of wild deer inhabit and can see it in a place to the island.
It is said that 500 of them are in the Nozaki Island.
It is quiet, and an untouched beautiful beach spreads out.
I can look around it to the far-off island.
The Nokubi village where a hiding Christian moved to

Manner at the time of the visit to church

  • You take your hat off in the church and avoid the clothes which extremely exposed skin to light, and please be quiet.
  • Eating and drinking, smoking cessation, temperance are strict prohibition. In addition, please never touch the thing in the church.
  • As the fence, the inner sanctum (altar) are particularly holy places, please never enter.
  • Photography in the church is prohibition.
  • When you are back, you turn off the lights, and please close a door.
  • I may decline the visit in the church at the time of mass, the ceremonial occasion.
  • A toilet of the church is a thing for a believer. Please use the restroom except the church as much as possible.

Travel expenses

In four people in the case of participation an adult (one): A 21,800 yen primary schoolchild: 17,800 yen
In three people in the case of participation an adult (one): A 24,800 yen primary schoolchild: 20,800 yen
In two people in the case of participation an adult (one): A 29,800 yen primary schoolchild: 25,800 yen
It is included in travel expenses
○Round-trip ship fare
○Reservations ship charges
○Lunch charges
○Nozaki Island facilities fee
○Guide charges
The departure date
Every day (except first third Sunday) of from April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020
(a setting exclusion day: for from May 11 to May 14 for from June 9 to June 30 for from August 10 to August 20 on for from September 24 to September 30 and the third first Sunday)
Deadline for application
Until seven days before the departure date
The operation number of people
To two people - four people
The sareru case necessary for a child less than primary schoolchild in each means of transportation with a seat, a lunch is a dwarf rate,
The sarenai case necessary with a seat, a lunch becomes free.

The application from this

※Email form is in preparation.....
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