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[targeted for WEB-limited, heart breathing] Nine dealer gurumekippu

It was added 1 store a member shop! (Margherita Narao additional on November 11)

Cow fins steak set meal (tax-included 1,650 yen)
Tuna bowl (tax-included 1,430 yen)
Negitoro bowl (tax-included 1,430 yen)

A come-on for a limited time!

Period from Wednesday, October 13, 2021 to Monday, December 20

The product which is targeted for a trip campaign of the heart breathing in the second hometown

This is citizens of Nagasaki-limited product, too!
There is an advantageous privilege; and the travel expenses an adult dwarf together 
Of 4000 yen per person (tax-included)
With round-trip high-speed ship ticket between Nagasaki - Arikawa
A meal ticket (for 2,200 yen) includes it
Two pieces of local limited coupons (for 2,000 yen)

I present an up to 5,000 yen coupon only now from Shinkamigoto-cho

For the purpose of planning recovery of the number of Kurushima people who decreased by a new coronavirus infectious disease,
I issue the currency coupon which an available island unties to a person made Kurushima to Shinkamigoto-cho in a member shop in the town block.
 <first-come-first-served basis>
The "island advantageous currency" which all the customers can use in Shinkamigoto-cho of 2,000 yen present
Furthermore, I present an inoculation ticket of the vaccine twice completion more 3,000 yen by the presentation! (even as for the photograph of the inoculation ticket, possible)
It becomes the island advantageous currency present for up to 5,000 yen!

It is at less than 14 days from an issued day for the period of service of the stripe advantageous currency issued in this business.
(when there is the remainder when it is past 14th, I disappear all. Reissue of that case I cannot use it)

Receipt place 
     Shinkamigoto-cho sightseeing product center (village of the udon)
Necessary procedure   
 It is proved entry and social position to an application installing in the field
 The presentation is necessary of this.
 Securing of reservation is not possible beforehand. As soon as it reaches a budget
 It becomes the end. 
For more details, please confirm Shinkamigoto-cho homepage↓↓

It is included in travel expenses
○Round-trip ship fare (high speed ship)
○Meal ticket (per person for 2,200 yen)
○Consumption tax
The departure date
It departs from October 13, 2021 to December 20
Deadline for application
Until five business days before the departure date
Reception desk
It is more receivable than two people group

Nine dealer gurumekippunogo reservation and usage

①Please make a reservation than the following application form.
[target route] Nagasaki Arikawa route high speed ship (the sea princess sea angel)
②Please purchase the ticket in cash at Nagasaki Port window.
 ※Please note that nine dealer gurumekippuha credit card is not available.
③I would like confirmation, a reservation in you beforehand to the member shop of mention in our homepage.
 ※By new coronavirus infection spread, business hours, a regular holiday may be different from a mention. 
④In the case of a visit, hand the upper Goto gurume enjoyment ticket (meal ticket) to a member shop.
 ※A limit is effective once per person

[instructions] Please read carefully


[about the suspension of service]
※I send an email shorter than us to the cell phone number that had you input at the time of an application about the suspension of service contact.

※Only when a high speed ship (the sea princess sea angel) is canceled, a Jetfoil from the Narao Port
 You can change it to a ferry without the balance.

Of the verge to change to Nagasaki route Jetfoil ferry or other companies ship by the suspension of service
 The transportation expenses to each port of you please note that burden you.

[about refund]
By the suspension of service of the ship high-speed for a plan bargain as for this plan or self-convenience other companies ship even in the case of the use
 Please note that you cannot refund it.

[about upper Goto gurume enjoyment ticket (meal ticket)]
※The upper Goto gurume enjoyment ticket (meal ticket) is available only in a member shop.
※It becomes that this product has you enjoy a meal.
 When the waiver (I do not use it) of the meal is found out, to become out of a discount assistance object of Nagasaki
 Please note that you collect the balance.
※When you exceed 2,200 yen (tax-included), please pay the balance locally.
 In addition, the change is not paid when it is less than 2,200 yen.
※I may be changed on business hours, the holiday of member store, facilities.
 On the use, please come to each store, facility after confirmation by all means.

※Please arrange the local means of transportation (rent-a-car, sightseeing taxi bus) and accommodations by customer each person.
※An application: From two people

The handling store menu

Noodles' s Hamasaki
2427-16, Arikawago, Shinkamigoto-cho
Lunch 11:00-14:00
Night 18:00-21:30
The rest night of Tuesday, Wednesday
A homepage is this place↓
Cooking fan Kotobuki (Senju)
2613-1, Arikawago, Shinkamigoto-cho
Lunch 12:00-14:00
Night 17:00-21:00
Rest no fixed holiday
A homepage is this place↓
Island dining tiger 
1349, Urakuwago, Shinkamigoto-cho
Lunch 11:00-14:00
Cafe 14:00-16:00
Rest Monday (Tuesday stops when Monday is a holiday)
A homepage is this place↓
Hotel Margherita 
1074, Kogushigo, Shinkamigoto-cho
Lunch 11:30-14:30 (L.O.14: 00)
Please confirm it beforehand on a holiday
A homepage is this place↓
Hotel Margherita Narao 
712-3, Naraogo, Shinkamigoto-cho
Lunch 11:30-14:30
Rest no fixed holiday
A homepage is this place↓
※This product catches the discount of 4,000 yen by the regional sightseeing support project of the country.
 Travel expenses of mention are amounts of money after the discount.

The application from this

Plan name ※required
Representative full name ※required
Furigana ※required
The date of birth ※required
/ /   
Sex ※required
Phone number ※required

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
E-mail address ※required
Zip code ※required
(example) 850-0035 or 8500035
Address ※required

The number of participants (adult) ※required
The number of participants (dwarf)
The number of participants (infant)
An infant becomes free of charge without use of seat. When you are necessary, please input to a dwarf
The use day (outward trip) ※required
The Nagasaki Port start on a voyage time (surface mail) ※required
The use day (return journey) ※required
The upper Goto start on a voyage time (surface mail) ※required
※Please input in the following column about the companion.
Companion 1
Companion 1: Full name ※required
Companion 1: Furigana ※required
Companion 1: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 1: Sex
Companion 1: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 2
Companion 2: Full name
Companion 2: Furigana
Companion 2: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 2: Sex
Companion 2: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 3
Companion 3: Full name
Companion 3: Furigana
Companion 3: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 3: Sex
Companion 3: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 4
Companion 4: Full name
Companion 4: Furigana
Companion 4: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 4: Sex
Companion 4: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 5
Companion 5: Full name
Companion 5: Furigana
Companion 5: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 5: Sex
Companion 5: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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