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※I accepted it and was finished ※[heart breathing] is the accommodation shops of a guest house prawns shop, the trip

Contents of the plan

[full thanks] I finished the acceptance of the tour

Thanks to you, I finish the acceptance of the tour as making a reservation reached the capacity.
Thank you very much for making much reservation.
In addition, as I sell the plan that can be pleased with all of you,
Thanks in advance for your help!

Contents of the plan

The citizens of \ Nagasaki-limited! It is advantageous with a double only now! /

The "round-trip Jetfoil or Highway ship fare" + "hotel charges" (with half board) are bundled

Furthermore, an experience made with the salt at "an arrow harder station" includes it
What 16,000 yen - 19,000 yen of one! !
Furthermore, I present the coupon which is further usable in Shimauchi for 15,000 yen!

[with a double profit 1: the advantageous travel expenses using the grant!]
"5,000 yen discount" of one by "it is with the second oldness trip campaign" of "the heart breathing"
○Blue! "3,000 yen - 6,000 yen (dwarf 1,500 yen - 3,000 yen) discount (※)" of one with a Nagasaki Island peddling product

[a coupon follows you profit 2 with a double a lot!]
○I present "an island advantageous currency" for "8,000 yen" of one!
○"Line tsu profit! I present a coupon for "5,000 yen" of one!
○I present "a local limited coupon" for "2,000 yen" of one!

※In the case of a round-trip high-speed ship (Nagasaki ⇔ Arikawa), in the case of 3,000 yen (dwarf 1,500 yen) discount, a round-trip high-speed ship (Sasebo ⇔ Arikawa), in the case of 4,000 yen (dwarf 2,000 yen) discount, a Jetfoil & Highway ship, in the case of 4,500 yen (dwarf 22,500 yen) discount, a round-trip Jetfoil (Nagasaki ⇔ Narao), it is 6,000 yen (dwarf 3,000 yen) discount.
※The present of the coupon may become the end as soon as it reaches a budget.

Experience made with salt
※Please make a reservation beforehand on the date and time you like

I present an up to 5,000 yen coupon only now from Shinkamigoto-cho

For the purpose of planning recovery of the number of Kurushima people who decreased by a new coronavirus infectious disease,
I issue the currency coupon which an available island unties to a person made Kurushima to Shinkamigoto-cho in a member shop in the town block.
 <first-come-first-served basis>
The "island advantageous currency" which all the customers can use in Shinkamigoto-cho of 2,000 yen present
Furthermore, I present an inoculation ticket of the vaccine twice completion more 3,000 yen by the presentation! (even as for the photograph of the inoculation ticket, possible)
It becomes the island advantageous currency present for up to 5,000 yen!

It is at less than 14 days from an issued day for the period of service of the stripe advantageous currency issued in this business.
(when there is the remainder when it is past 14th, I disappear all. Reissue of that case I cannot use it)

Receipt place 
     Shinkamigoto-cho sightseeing product center (village of the udon)
Necessary procedure   
 It is proved entry and social position to an application installing in the field
 The presentation is necessary of this.
 Securing of reservation is not possible beforehand. As soon as it reaches a budget
 It becomes the end. 
For more details, please confirm Shinkamigoto-cho homepage↓↓


※Time more favorite than the following schedule can choose the surface mail of the going.
[the first day]
  Nagasaki Port // Narao Port (or Nagasaki Port// Highway ship Arikawa Port)
  It is the staying guest house prawns shop or accommodation shops of the trip
[the second day]
  Narao Port // Nagasaki Port (or Arikawa Port // ship Nagasaki Port)

①I choose the accommodations

You can choose the following accommodations to like better than two.
※In the nearest port of "the guest house prawns shop", the nearest port of "it is the accommodation shops of the trip" is "Arikawa Port" "Narao Port".

1.Guest house prawns shop

  The upper Goto outstanding popular accommodation which the staff recommends with confidence  
  The dishes which I fully used the good luck of the Goto for are exquisite.
  Heart and soul are sure what is healed by hospitality with high quality of motta including it of the heart  
  Is the accommodation where is good to the trip with the important person;  

Staff ichioshi! Have specialty exquisite dishes

※The spotted trunkfish is not included in a menu.
You can add it with an option, but please refer once as offer time is fixed.

2.It is the accommodation shops of the trip

  Is proud of the dishes which used the seasonal ingredients for abundantly;  
  The sea is a location of the expanse best in front!
  The appearance with a church as a motif is pretty…  
  It is the popular hotel which is heartwarming by wonderful hospitality.

The dishes which I used the local ingredients for abundantly are exquisite

A meal venue "ten thousand villages wave"

②I choose the surface mail

High speed ship

Travel expenses

The basic price includes "round-trip Jetfoil or high-speed ship fare" + "hotel charges" (with half board) + "island trip experience charges".

It is advantageous with a double only in \ now! /
[discount] I do up to 11,000 yen discount (dwarf up to 8,000 yen) of one than the amount of normal sale and sell it.
(※ breakdown: "trip of the mind breathing in a hometown" 5,000 yen discount + "blue! Nagasaki Island peddling product 3,000 yen - 6,000 yen (dwarf 1,500 yen - 3,000 yen) discount)

[coupon] I present the gift certificate which is usable in Shimauchi for 15,000 yen per person!
(※ breakdown: for "currency which an island unties" 8,000 yen + "line tsu profit! For coupon 5,000 yen for + "local for a limited number coupon" 2,000 yen)

List of charges (per one)

Round-trip Jetfoil fare
+ The hotel charges with half board
Jetfoil & Highway ship fare
+ The hotel charges with half board
Round-trip high-speed ship fare
(Nagasaki ⇔ Arikawa)
+1 night half board costs
Round-trip high-speed ship fare
(Sasebo ⇔ Arikawa)
The hotel charges with half board
The additional staying price
16,000 yen
17,500 yen
19,000 yen
18,000 yen
7,500 yen
11,500 yen
12,250 yen
13,000 yen
13,000 yen
5,000 yen

It is included in travel expenses
○Round-trip Jetfoil or high-speed ship ship fare
○The hotel charges (with half board)
​* Island trip experience charges (experience made with salt)
○Consumption tax
The departure date
From November 1, 2021 to December 26
Deadline for application
Until five days before the departure date
Reception desk
It is more receivable than two people group
1 dinner 1 breakfast
Kyushu Syosen tourist bureau 095-823-0423
※This product catches the discount of 5,000 yen by the regional sightseeing support project of the country.
 Travel expenses of mention are amounts of money after the discount.
※This product catches the discount of adult 3,000 yen - 6,000 yen (dwarf 1,500 yen - 3,000 yen) by the specific manned border remote island community maintenance promotion grant of the country.
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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