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★[heart breathing] Perception soft-headed Nao Teru

Contents of the plan

The citizens of \ Nagasaki-limited! It is advantageous with a double only now! /

The "round-trip Jetfoil fare" + "hotel charges" (per night with breakfast) are set

Furthermore, I am actually belonging to a visit in a sake brewery of "the Goto Islands brewing" that is famous for "Goto potato" "Goto wheat"
What 15,500 yen - 20,000 yen of one! !
Furthermore, I present the coupon which is further usable in Shimauchi for 15,000 yen!

[it is to the travel expenses that are usually advantageous from a rate at a discount profit 1 with a double]
"5,000 yen discount" of one by "it is with the second oldness trip campaign" of "the heart breathing"
○Blue! "5,000 yen discount" (dwarf 2,500 yen discount) of one with a Nagasaki Island peddling product

[a coupon follows you profit 2 with a double a lot!]
○I present "an island advantageous currency" for "8,000 yen" of one!
○"Line tsu profit! I present a coupon for "5,000 yen" of one!
○I present "a local limited coupon" for "2,000 yen" of one!


<the first day> Nagasaki Port - Jetfoil  - Fukue Port ... free time ... Goto city (night)

<the second day> ・・ ・ free-lance time ... Fukue Port - Jetfoil - Nagasaki Port 

which can enjoy Goto freely without being tied up as it is the free plan of round-trip ship fare + hotel charges 
 The shochu factory tour of the Goto Islands brewing, please make a reservation beforehand.
Goto Islands brewing
Goto potato, Goto wheat

Perception soft-headed Nao Teru

  Fukue is Coco! The well-established hotel where is popular regardless of any people regardless of age or sex.
  Both the heart and the body can be refreshed in the large communal bath which can overlook Fukue Port!
  Please spend a special time with nostalgia in gentle good-quality space  
The room prepares for a Japanese-style room type
 which is in the large communal bath which can overlook Fukue Port 

Dinner (example)

It is dinner (example) common throughout perception soft-headed Nao Teru, GOTO TSUBAKI HOTEL.
In the case of hope, please make a reservation directly to a hotel.
A meal venue varies according to dishes.
※Perception gone Nao Teru and GOTO TSUBAKI HOTEL are a 1-minute walk

・Goto cow standard banquet dishes…In "perception soft-headed Nao Teru"
・Ripples course…In "a camellia teahouse" (is a car than both hotels about 20 minutes. With pickup and drop-off)

In perception soft-headed Nao Teru

Goto cow standard banquet dishes
6,600 yen


Goto Italian
4,400 yen

In a camellia teahouse

Hearth dishes (ripples course)
6,600 yen
※The person wanting dinner, please make a prior reservation.
 In addition, "line tsu is advantageous "an island advantageous currency"! The payment with a coupon is possible.

②I choose the surface mail

Jetfoil "pegasasu"
Jetfoil "Pegasus 2"

Travel expenses

The basic price includes "round-trip Jetfoil fare" + "hotel charges" (per night with breakfast) + "island trip experience charges" (brewing visit).
※It is an amount of money after applying discount.

It is advantageous with a double only in \ now! /
[discount] I do discount (dwarf 7,500 yen) than the amount of normal sale of 10000 yen per person and sell it.
(※ breakdown: "trip of the mind breathing in a hometown" 5,000 yen discount + "blue! Nagasaki Island peddling product 5,000 yen (dwarf 2,500 yen) discount)

[coupon] I present the gift certificate which is usable in Shimauchi for 15,000 yen per person!
(※ breakdown: for "currency which an island unties" 8,000 yen + "line tsu profit! For coupon 5,000 yen for + "local for a limited number coupon" 2,000 yen)

List of charges

List of charges

※The following travel expenses are amounts of money after applying a grant.
The basic price
(the hotel charges in round-trip Jetfoil fare +1 night with breakfast)
The additional staying price
A schedule
20,000 yen
11,000 yen
15,500 yen
8,000 yen
B schedule
19,000 yen
10,000 yen
14,500 yen
7,000 yen
C schedule
16,500 yen
7,500 yen
12,000 yen
4,500 yen
D schedule
15,500 yen
6,500 yen
11,000 yen
3,500 yen

[setting exclusion day]
A rate varies according to schedules.
As there is it until - D schedule in A schedule, please confirm it with a common calendar which schedule the wanting date applies to it in. (be without seeing it: in A schedule in: B schedule pink in: C schedule yellow green: in D schedule)
November, 2021
December, 2021
DayMonthFireWaterTreeMoneySoil DayMonthFireWaterTreeMoneySoil

It is included in travel expenses
○Round-trip Jetfoil ship fare
○The hotel charges (per night with breakfast)
* Island trip experience charges (Goto Islands brewing visit)
○Consumption tax
※It is an amount of money after applying a grant.
The departure date
From October 1, 2021 to December 26
Deadline for application
Until five days before the departure date
Reception desk
It is more receivable than two people group
1 breakfast
Child of the infant
When a seat, the meal of the Jetfoil, futon are not necessary, I am free of charge.
※I come to have you hold it in your arm on the knee in the ship.
※It comes to support sleep sharing at the hotel.
Kyushu Syosen tourist bureau 095-823-0423
※This product catches the discount of 5,000 yen by the regional sightseeing support project of the country.
 Travel expenses of mention are amounts of money after the discount.
※This product catches the discount of adult 5,000 yen (dwarf 2,500 yen) by the specific manned border remote island community maintenance promotion grant of the country.

Hotel information

Perception soft-headed Nao Teru

〒853-0015 1-1-1, Higashihamamachi, Goto-shi
0959-72-5510 (Goto car synthesis reservation center)
・From Fukue Port a 5-minute walk
・Entirely non-smoking


〒853-0001 1-57, Sakaemachi, Goto-shi 
0959-72-5510 (Goto car synthesis reservation center)
・From Fukue Port a 5-minute walk
・Entirely non-smoking
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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