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Resumption! [citizens of Nagasaki-limited] [the second] A trip of "the heart breathing" campaigns in a hometown

A trip of "the heart breathing" campaigns with citizens of \ second/Nagasaki-limited oldness

\/which I kept waiting
The citizens of <Nagasaki-limited! It is advantageous with a double only now!>
The departure date: From October 1, 2021 to December 26

I can receive <discount> and a double privilege of <coupon> now♪

[with a double profit 1] I discount travel expenses up to 10,000 yen!
"5,000 yen discount" of one by "it is with the second oldness trip campaign" of "the heart breathing"
○Blue! "Adult 5,000 yen (dwarf 2,500 yen) discount" of one with a Nagasaki Island peddling product

[with a double profit 2] I present it for coupon 15,000 yen!
○For state "8,000 yen" alone for "an island advantageous currency"
○"Line tsu profit! For state "5,000 yen" alone with a coupon
○For state "2,000 yen" alone with "a local limited coupon"

The experience-based coupon only in the island comes, too


The application becomes until five business days before departure.
I would like it.

One-day plan

The one-day plan becomes very attractive, too!
Please check the details in the page of each plan;


When can you get the coupon?
Can you extend the plan of 2 days and 1 night?
Can you change only the convenience of the return journey of the plan of 2 days and 1 night on another day?
When is the reservation settled?
How many people is a receptionist from?
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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