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Car ferry "ferry namiji"

Car ferry "ferry namiji"
The December 7, 1987 service
The November 28, 1987 completion
Full length :75.10m
Width :13.80m
Aggregate tonnage :1,150 tons
Voyage speed :16.2 knots
Passenger capacity :432 people
Ability mounted with a vehicle: Six trucks, car 30

Guidance of the cabin

The first class guest room
The second class designation
The second class guest room
The second class guest room


  • I do not cope with barrier-free. (restroom, inboard elevator)
  • Three sides of sums are 2 meters or less and the jikomishukai ri product limits the thing that weight is 30 kg or less by two one.
    In addition, I bring in the thing giving off the odors such as dangerous materials or the bait and cannot do it.
  • About the pet, a carry-on is possible in a passage, an entrance if you can put it in the baskets.
 In the case of the big pet which does not enter the baskets, I will connect to the deck, and a rate is needed separately.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the guest room. I establish the smoking area on the deck.
  • I sell a light meal (pot noodle, confectionery, ice cream) and various drinks (containing the alcohol) with an inboard vending machine.
  • I have boarding and a wheelchair go on board with the fellow passenger who is available for driving in the case of the use by vehicle, and the prior notification, please.

Inboard figure

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