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2022 Nagasaki pilgrimage A course "Fukue island, Saga trip around the islands etiquette two days"

A course (Fukue Island, Saga trip around the islands etiquette two days)

       Dozaki cathedral
 Until from April 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023
 ※8/10-8/21, 12/28-1/5 are excluded
 Note I accept it than two people
 Note Nagasaki Port departure and arrival
 Note[round-trip ship fare] In + [the hotel charges] + [Shimauchi sightseeing]
It is 47,000 yen - 63,000 yen  per person

Trip (the first day)

Nagasaki Port (7:40 dep.) - Jetfoil Ship- Fukue Port (9:05 arr.)
It is an Uragashira Church temple beach = = 3 of the hand and foot gesture of kabuki actor while exiting or entering the stage Fukue cathedral = = 2 Fukue Port << Fukue trip around the islands etiquette >> = = 1
== 4 Dozaki cathedral = = 5 Miyahara cathedral = = 6 Hantomari Church temple = = envoy to the Tang Dynasty hometown building (lunch).
=It is a Saganoshima Church temple = shellfish Tsu Port - liner - Saga Island << Saga trip around the islands etiquette >> 12
Saga Island - liner - shellfish Tsu Port = = 13 Kaitsu Church temple = = Fukue island, Goto-shi (night).
                         (around 17:30)

Trip (the second day)

 ※Mass 6:00 - free-for-all (excluded on Saturday Tuesday) early-morning in Fukue Church

It is an Uchiori Church temple Mizunoura Church temple = = 9 Kusuhara cathedral, Kusuhara prison = = 8 accommodations << Fukue trip around the islands etiquette >> = = 7
 (around 8:30)

=It is Tamano-ura Inlet cathedral former Christian graveyard = = NEW Pandora (lunch) = = 16 of the deep water Miiraku Church temple = = 11 = 10

=It is Shigejiki Church temple = = Fukue Port Tachiya cathedral trace entrance (the car window) = = 17 Imochiura Church temple, Lourdes = = 14 = 15

Fukue Port (16:05-16:30) - Jetfoil Ship- Nagasaki Port (17:30-18:20)

※The return journey service varies according to time.

Recommended point

① A local pilgrimage guide guides you.

A local "pilgrimage guide" shows around all trips.
As it is the guide who is specialized in a pilgrimage, I can learn the history of the Christian of the Goto more deeply.
A guide greets it immediately after reaching the Goto and can enjoy a trip in peace as I go together to a back ship!

② There are no all in the troublesome reservation! As it is the pack which I included all, it is advantageous, and it is easy.

As it is a round-trip ship fare, movement costs in Shimauchi, a pack of all Komi Komi including the hotel charges,
It is absolutely advantageous than I make a reservation separatelyShiningly
In addition, the procedure that is troublesome as both the reservation and the payment are possible is not necessary for a lump.
It is very recommended efficiently as I make a trip to be able to turn around◎
       Saga Island
    Lourdes (Imochiura Church temple)
    Former Christian graveyard of the deep water

③ You want and merge the accommodations and have a choice.

The accommodations, please choose the favorite accommodation.
I prepare some including the hotel type, guest house type!
As you can have the dinner in accommodations, please heal the fatigue of the trip slowly♪
(Japanese-style room)
●Hotel jo*ka
(single twin, Japanese-style room)
Upgrading plan (@ 6,000 yen up)
●konkana kingdom
(twin cottage, Japanese-Western style room)
Onidake Onsen

Travel expenses

The number of participants
Two participation
Three participation
Four participation
5 to 6 persons participation
63,000 yen
59,000 yen
51,000 yen
47,000 yen
※In the case of two people participation, in the case of 3-6 people participation, it is the "jumbo taxi" use "a minicab".
※The Dozaki cathedral entering a building charges (300 yen) become the cash payment.
<going to stay a hotel>
・Hotel jo*ka/Toyama-so
・konkana kingdom (up in what become the upgrading plan of 6000 yen per person)

<thing included in travel expenses>
・Transportation expenses (Jetfoil, shellfish Tsu ⇔ Saga Island liner), the hotel charges (with half board)
・Lunch charges (two meals), chartered taxi (two days), pilgrimage guide charges (two days)

"The Goto pilgrimage notebook presents it, too"
  Pilgrimage notebook (stamp book), original pilgrimage batch, other materials
 ☆It surrounds 17 of 52 Goto pilgrimage notebooks in the A course.

The application from this

Plan name
Representative full name ※required
Furigana ※required
The date of birth ※required
/ /   
Sex ※required
Phone number ※required
E-mail address ※required
Contact information desired ※required
Hope time of the telephone communication
Zip code ※required
(example) 850-0035 or 8500035
Address ※required
The participation number of people (adult) ※required
The participation number of people (child)
※Less than primary schoolchild
The participation number of people (infant)
The departure date (the first hope) ※required
/ /   
※Setting exclusion day 8/10-8/21, 12/28-1/5
The departure date (the second hope)
/ /   
The departure date (the third hope)
/ /   
The accommodations (the first hope) ※required
The accommodations (the second hope)
The accommodations (the third hope)
※Please input in the following column about the companion.
Companion 1
Companion 1: Full name ※required
Companion 1: Furigana ※required
Companion 1: The date of birth ※required
/ /   
Companion 1: Sex ※required
Companion 1: Phone number ※required

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 2
Companion 2: Full name
Companion 2: Furigana
Companion 2: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 2: Sex
Companion 2: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 3
Companion 3: Full name
Companion 3: Furigana
Companion 3: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 3: Sex
Companion 3: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 4
Companion 4: Full name
Companion 4: Furigana
Companion 4: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 4: Sex
Companion 4: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
Companion 5
Companion 5: Full name
Companion 5: Furigana
Companion 5: The date of birth
/ /   
Companion 5: Sex
Companion 5: Phone number

※An example: 095-823-0423 or 0958230423
The job offer information placing in the Mynavi change of job is this
Kyushu Syosen
16-12, Motofunamachi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
1.Passenger regular line business
2.Harbor express service business
3.Car transport
4.Travel agency
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