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Arikawa dep.

Navigation Schedule

Nagasaki - Arikawa Highway ship normal schedule (in the spring and summer)

Nagasaki - Arikawa Highway ship dock schedule (common in the fall and winter spring and summer)

6/7-16 (plan), 9/13-10/5 (plan)

Nagasaki - Arikawa Highway ship normal schedule (in the fall and winter)

The return journey is this

Request to a customer

  • Three sides of sums are 1.58 meters or less and the jikomishukai ri product limits the thing that weight is 10 kg or less by two one. In addition, the thing giving off the odors such as dangerous materials or a bait does not come by loading. In addition, I bring in the bicycle and cannot do it. (if I am completely satisfied in a packing bag about the folding bicycle and I am within a prescribed range, I bring it in and am possible.)
  • Please note that the Navigation Schedule may be delayed under the influence of walruses.
  • As schedule, a fare, the service ship may be changed by convenience in a hurry, please confirm it before the use.
  • As the boarding ticket collects it in the case of leaving a ship, please keep it for loss during boarding carefully.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the guest room.
  • The ship becomes all seat designation, but please move to the seat which is vacant after the departure from a port freely. Please be careful about the shaking of the ship on movement.
(there are the number of people restrictions at the carpet seat, and please note that you may not be available.)

The fare is this

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