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Jetfoil "pegasasu"

Jetfoil "pegasasu"   //
The April 1, 1990 service
The March 6, 1990 completion
Aggregate tonnage : 163 tons
Passenger capacity : 257 people
Maximum speed : 45.6 knots
Voyage speed : 43.0 knots
The service route : Nagasaki - Goto route

Guidance of the cabin


  • I do not cope with barrier-free. (restrooms)
  • During wing race navigation, the wearing of the seat belt is required.
  • I bring it in, and the air conditioner box is not done regardless of fishing use for the leisure.
  • Three sides of sums are 1 meter or less and the jikomishukai ri product limits the thing that weight is 10 kg or less by two one. (you bring in even a thing more than the prescribed size about the carrier bag, and there is it, but please prepare for a thing of the size of the least bound as the space in the ship is limited. )
    In addition, I bring in a thing, the bicycle (including the folding bicycle) giving off the odors such as dangerous materials or the bait, and there is not it.
  • About the pet, a carry-on is possible if you can put it in the baskets.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the guest room.
  • As for the preschool infant, one person is free of charge for one adult.
    But I will have a dwarf fare when an infant uses a seat alone.
  • A stand, the vending machine is not in the ship. (there is the feeder)

Inboard figure

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