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... which learns history of the Goto in school excursion ... of adult

Now that you became an adult, therefore do you not deepen knowledge?

... The face which I was upset aboutmemory including the school excursion of school days only as for the slapstick Gust of winduproar in free action and the inn.
"To be able to enjoy wasteful now more…I prepared for the plan that focused on learning to all of you who held "such thought.
1.Please make in combination an original plan freely.
2.I am confident of knowledge (you power) to let a talk and the expert who do not let the customer of the lecturer get tired of a professional groan.
3.I offer pleasure of the learning that I cannot taste by the normal sightseeing tour.
As I get on a combination, other consultation of the plan along the hope of the customer, please feel free to contact us.

Plan introduction

School excursion - Shinto shrine relations plan ... of adult

The plan ① "manners of the Shinto shrine which Japanese alphabet ... professional tells of the Shinto" + "birthplace Goto udon story of the Japanese udon" (lecture + field three hours course)
Go round the Shinto shrines of the Goto in plan ②"; (lecture + field half day - daily course)
    (example) "a lecture" → The north district (mountain god company, Shiogama Shrine, second shrine Shrine) → Blue one Shrine → Grandfather Shrine
Plan ③ "Goto noh dance experience" (lecture + demonstration two hours course)
Lecturer, Masanori Yoshimura
I am born in this island as a child of the Shinto priest of Masahiko Shrine with history more than 800 years.
After having studied Shinto studies and Shinto folklore in Kokugakuin University for ten years, I work at the Nagasaki Shrine agency. I return home in response to an appointment request to the town superintendent of education at 52-year-old time. I performed an investigation to investigate the origin into Goto udon in China, and it was revealed that iwa*sakumen which had the identical manufacturing method had been carried by envoy to the Tang Dynasty ship and declared it during term in office when Goto was the birthplace of the Japan udon. Manager of present Nagasaki Shrine agency vice-agency, meeting's chairperson of the upper Goto history culture.

School excursion - Christian inheritance, inheritance plan ... of adult of Japan

Around the plan ④ "birth place and church of tetsukawa*jo" (lecture + field half day - daily course)
(example) "a lecture" → Iron river home trace → Cold water church → Blue sand ka urakyokai → daihikyokai → Head ka island church → Advantageous male temple
In plan ⑤" a church of the Goto a thorough commentary (lecture - + field half day - 1st plan)
The plan ⑥ "bridges from an island, the ancient times to the present age of Japanese inheritance - border" (lecture + field half day - 1st)
(example) Himekami Corporation trace - and travesty stone - brocade sail shallows -3 days no ura - Mifune - Sannouyama - day island stone pagoda group
A lecturer: Hiromu Takahashi Ichiuji
A first class authorized architect. As a restoration member of kotaikyokai which nearly escaped from total destruction by a fire in 2007 Kurushima. Show it by the restoration, and enthusiasm and rare ability are appreciated; and to a staff of town.
The present is cultural assets section via a world heritage promotion room. The days when I have the judgment that cotton is deep in overall history, culture as well as a building and am chased for lecture and the field attendance. The commentary lined the deep knowledge reminds of NHK "bura Tamori".

School excursion - Christian inheritance, inheritance plan ... of adult of Japan

In plan ⑥" regional cuisine classroom & lunch of the Goto (lecture + training three hours)
A lecturer: Maeda inn proprietress, Kazuko Dotsu
Aokatago, Shinkamigoto-cho birth. After the marriage, I succeed an inn line of the business. I preside over a meeting handing down regional cuisine and send charm of the upper Goto in succession to a folktale of the native district.
With the plan ⑦ "traditional salt to protect by food culture in Japan" (visit to lecture + two hours)
A lecturer: Play the sea of the Goto; about representative Kunio Ogawa
Kumamoto birth. I drop out of a company in 2000 and I emigrate to upper Goto and do the sea of the Goto and am founded. I hold a park conveying importance of the salt in each place. I become a Kyushu Syosen stay type coordinator in 2017.
※The making of plan is free. An expense incurring a lecturer reward (per one lecturer half day around 5,000 yen)
I accept the consultation of accommodations.

※One plan

3 days and 2 nights ... which learns history and culture of the Goto in school excursion ... of adult

Guidance (it becomes one combination of plans.) of the 3 days and 2 nights course
Staying: 1364, Aokatago, Shinkamigoto-cho [Maeda inn] (☎0959-52-2112)
A rate (indication): Around 40,000 yen (round-trip ship fare, staying charges, Shimauchi movement charges, lecturer reward)
Daily Friday 17:00-17:20 orientation (Maeda inn)
      It is peace & demonstration about regional cuisine of the Goto in 20➀ 30 - 18 17
               A lecturer: Maeda inn proprietress, Kazuko Dotsu
      18:30 ...     Exchange meeting that I surround the regional cuisine of the upper Goto    
2nd Saturday 9 00-10 the 30➁ lecture "tradition of the Japanese alphabet, the Goto udon story, Goto noh dance of the Shinto shrine" (Masahiko Shrine):
               A lecturer: Masahiko Shrine chief priest, Masanori Yoshimura (meeting's chairperson of Goto history and the culture)
      11 00-12 with making of 20➂ salt visit & lecture "traditional salt supporting Japanese food culture:"
               A lecturer: Play the sea of the Goto; representative, Kunio Ogawa
      12:30 ...           Lunch, free time
      I participate in annual festival, God good luck festival in 15:00-16:30 ④ blue one Shrine autumn
               I parade around a town of local everybody and the blue one.
      18:00-19:00 dinner (Maeda inn)
      I attend the eve of the annual festival in 19:30-21:30 ④ Goto noh dance viewing blue one Shrine autumn (until the end)
               I thoroughly enjoy kagura performed at night with local everybody.
Visits of the 3rd Sunday 9:00-11:00 Shimauchi Catholicism cathedral
       11:30-13:00 lunch (I cook Goto udon hell)
       13:00      Dissolution (please consult about the extension.)

Coordinator introduction

Kunio Ogawa (Kunio Ogawa)

From now on in the times of the learning therefore "a school excursion after become an adult"
1962, Yatsushiro-shi, Kumamoto birth. It is emigration in the upper Goto which resigns from Kumamoto prefectural government office in 2000, and has neither the relationship nor the connection in three families. 2 children are born and they meet the parents of the wife and are enjoying an island living afterwards. The making of salt which I came across by chance is 17 years in this year. I dyed a hand for the study of various fields to send an information paper about the salt (40) and keenly realized the pleasure of learning from an adult after it was, and the pleasure of trip in the future thought that there was it in "learning" and progressed to suggest "a school excursion after it was to an adult".

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