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High speed ship "sea angel"

Guidance of the cabin

High speed ship "sea angel"
The July 31, 2018 service
The July 18, 2018 completion
Full length :34.00m
Width :6.30m
Aggregate tonnage :122 tons
Voyage speed :30.0 knots
Passenger capacity :140 people

Inboard figure

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  • I cope with barrier-free. (restrooms)
  • The carry-on of the fishing gear is not possible. (fishing rod, air conditioner box)
  • Three sides of sums are 1.58 meters or less and limit the thing that weight is 10 kg or less by two one. (as the space in the ship is limited about the carrier bag, please set up a thing of the size in the regulations range. )
    In addition, I bring in a thing, the bicycle giving off the odors such as dangerous materials or the bait, and there is not it. (if I am completely satisfied in a packing bag about the folding bicycle and I am within a prescribed range, I bring it in and am possible.)
  • The carry-on of the folding bicycle is not possible for the multi-visitors period such as Golden Week, tray time, New Year holidays.
  • About the pet, a carry-on is possible if you can put it in the baskets. (I may ask for the movement of the seat.)
  • Smoking is prohibited in the guest room.
  • As for the preschool infant, one person is free of charge for one adult.
    But I will have a dwarf fare when an infant uses a seat alone.
  • A stand, the vending machine is not in the ship. (there is the feeder)
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