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About a revision of the border remote island islanders reduced fare (Jetfoil service, high-speed surface mail)

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 Fares of JR Kyushu operated on the mainland become the standard, but border remote island islanders reduced fare of our Jetfoil service, high speed surface mail will tell you about the islanders discount by the manned border remote island method from for boarding on January 1, 2023 to review the standard only for facing it by the economic measure of the country as a revision (reduction) would be considered to be it. (there is no change about the reduced fare of the ferry service.)

※An outward trip, please note that a return journey will apply an old fare to way back about the thing in the round-trip discount validity in the case of January in December. (there is not the balance refund for the return journey.)
※As the person who purchased islanders discount boarding ticket (for one-way/outward trip) for January before 12/20 beforehand will refund the balance, sorry for your inconvenience, but I would appreciate your coming before boarding some other time in a ticket release window.
※For details, please see the page of an attached file or the fare.

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