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About inboard setting of "ozone deodorization, sanitization device sasupyua"
All the customers
Thank you very much for usually using our route.
As part of new coronavirus infectious disease prophylaxis, I will establish "ozone deodorization, sanitization device sasupyua" in each ship ship.
I am to install it in the another ship sequentially as soon as setting has been already completed to Jetfoil "pegasasu" "pegasasu 2" and high-speed ship "sea princess", and the apparatus is ready.
[all ship setting completes it postscript on April 13.]
As we want to act for a lot of, prophylaxis because safe relief will use it in future, I hope that I have infectious disease measures cooperate based on the announcement of related organizations in the customer including Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
In addition, I have, and this device sets up cooperation in "a Shimoda amenity - service" state.
The above
Kyushu Syosen
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